Adult Corner to Kid Corner!

Well… it was bound to happen. And as “against” it as we were at first, we sure have embraced it now! It’s funny how our feelings about certain things change when we grow up have kids.

Our downstairs room used to be a rec room complete with a pool table, dart board, and bar stools. Now it’s the family/play room complete with a play kitchen, Nintendo, and pack-n-play. I wish I had “before” pictures to show the complete transformation, but that was a whole different phone camera ago! But here are the “after” pictures of one of the best most-utilized rooms in our house, our family/play room:  Continue reading

Thoughts on Big Brother…

So I am not a big reality show watcher. I’ve never watched any of the singing competition shows – American Idol, The Voice, American’s Got Talent…. nope, never seen them. I’ve never watched any of the dating shows – The Bachelor, The Bachelorette… nope, not for me. But there are two reality shows that I simply must watch every season they are on – and those are Big Brother and The Challenge. These two shows are on my DVR list to stay. And Big Brother is airing right now, and it is on three times a week – not including Big Brother After Dark, which I don’t have time to keep up on, but I admit I’ll have it on in the background sometimes at night when I’m reading or blogging. 😉 I consider Big Brother and The Challenge to be my “guilty pleasures” because I don’t know too many people who also watch them, meaning I don’t have too many people to discuss them with. And I’ve definitely never blogged about them, but I’m feeling compelled to blog about this week’s BB episodes!  Continue reading

Whatta Weekend!

What a weekend indeed! We didn’t do much. But it was great! It was gray and rainy, which it hasn’t been here in the Pacific Northwest in months, and it was our first weekend without Hayden here for quite some time, and we didn’t have too much planned. So, for two days in a row, we had…. wait for it…. family nap time! And it was amazing.  Continue reading

Friday Favorites!

This is my first Friday Favorites post! My heart is just overwhelmed with love and happiness right now, so I thought it is time to share some favorites now that my family of five is complete with an awesome husband, amazing stepson, hilarious toddler, and sweet newborn. I’ve been reading and loving all of the Friday Favorite posts by Andrea, Narci, and Erika for months now, so now it’s time for me to join the fun and post my favorites of the week!


Continue reading

A Bittersweet Final Day with Hayden

What an amazing first half of the summer!! Things didn’t go exactly as planned as far as Hayden’s first summer visit this year (ah-hem, 2 weeks late Gavin!), but luckily all four of Hayden’s parents can go with the flow. With Hayden having two families, he had two huge life milestones happening this summer. With us, he had his littlest baby brother being born. With his mom’s side, they were packing up their house in Medford OR and moving to Moscow ID. The original plan was to have Hayden with us for three weeks (and we cushioned the dates around baby brother’s due date), and then he would fly back to Medford in time to pack up and make the drive over to Moscow with everyone. That plan was going smoothly…. until baby brother’s due date came and went and he wasn’t here yet. 🙂 Since Gavin stayed in the womb an extra 13 days past his due date, we wound up extending Hayden’s visit for two more weeks. That meant he would fly directly to Pullman/Moscow and meet up with his mom’s family for the second half of their move instead.  Continue reading

10 Things I’ve Realized/Remembered with Having a Newborn in the House

Gavin Russell Parkinson was born on July 12 at 4:55am! Just 13 days past his due date. And his size showed for it: he was 8 lbs 10.5 ounces and 22 inches long! Ouchie for his mama! 🙂 His birth was amazing – I’ll detail that story out in a separate post coming very soon. Until then, I wanted to share a few things I’ve realized/remembered in the last four days since he’s been home with us.  Continue reading

Fourth of July Weekend!

What a wonderful 4th of July weekend! We had no idea what we would be doing, or if we would have our fifth little family member with us, or how the weekend would play out at all. Jeremy, Hayden, and I all had a feeling the littlest newest Parkinson baby would be born ON the 4th of July, so we knew we couldn’t make definitive plans with anyone. And we were all wrong. Here I am, writing this post on Monday, and little guy is still in my belly! I really did not think he would go this late, but he’s hanging out in there for a bit longer! So we went about our weekend and had a great time!  Continue reading