Mom Adventures

My life changed when I became a mom. I never knew how much I would love being a mom until I became one.

I met Jeremy when he was a single dad to an adorable chubby little 1-year-old boy named Hayden. I felt incredibly lucky to fall in love with someone who I could already see was an awesome dad. And Hayden and I started a special bond that I have never shared with anyone else. He truly taught me how to be a mom – his were the first diapers I ever changed, I cried when he had to get stitches, and when I married his dad, I said a special vow to Hayden about becoming his stepmom. He already has a wonderful mom, and I am honored to have the special role I have in his life.

I am one of “those women” who love being pregnant. I have been blessed with super easy pregnancies and I love experiencing the natural changes my body goes through during pregnancy – and childbirth. Yep, I loved the experience of being in labor and giving birth to my daughter – all 42 hours of unmedicated active labor and delivery. And I look forward to doing it again this summer. I’m also one of those “run for fun” people – unless you’re one of us, you don’t really understand it. 🙂

Before becoming a mom, I didn’t know how to swaddle. I didn’t know how to breastfeed. I didn’t know how or when to start feeding solid foods. I didn’t know what I was doing with anything! But I just learned as I went and I’m still learning every day. And every day is a fun adventure.

People say motherhood is the hardest and most rewarding job you’ll ever have. I definitely agree with the most rewarding part. I don’t know how I feel about it being the hardest thing I’ve done though, because I’m having so much fun! It’s definitely the most important job I’ve ever had and the one I care about the most. And for those reasons, I put my all into it. I believe it was Confucius who said, “Find a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Now THAT one I can get on board with. 🙂

One thought on “Mom Adventures

  1. Deslie Church says:

    Motherhood looks great on you…..I am also one of “those” who loved pregnancy and delivery. And the reward of that is to watch those little miracles grow and become amazing adults! You will continue to experience that joy as your little ones grow and change. Babies are not born with a how-to manual, but mother’s instinct helps in many instances. Love the blog, btw!

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