ABC’s of Me

I was saving this post for a rainy day, but I’m short on time today, so it’s going up now! Here is a fun little questionnaire to get to know me better… the ABC’s of me!

A- Age: 34

B- Biggest Fear: Bees! Don’t like them, never have. It used to be my lifelong goal to never be stung. Then I got stung once in Huntington Beach and had an allergic reaction. Unfortunately, the doc said I would have to be stung again to determine “how allergic” I am. No thanks! New lifelong goal is to not be stung a second time.  Continue reading

What’s Up Wednesday!

Well well well… it’s that time again! And on this final Wednesday of June, we’ve got a LOT going on!! Mostly good, some not so great, and one very big unknown! As a reminder, here is the list of questions for the oh-so-fun What’s Up Wednesday posts:

Whats up Wednesday

And this month’s bonus question is What am I doing for the 4th of July? Well, that’s a very interesting question for me this year!! 😉   Continue reading

Thoughts on Surrogacy…

Ever since I saw it as a storyline on Friends with Phoebe being a surrogate for her brother’s babies, my mind opened to the idea. Then a few years ago, my good friend became a surrogate for her brother and his wife, who could not carry another child after her first pregnancy. And now that I’ve been pregnant myself and have been blessed with easy pregnancies, my mind and heart are open to the idea. Would/could I ever be a surrogate?  Continue reading

Four Things

We had a fun weekend, but not too much to write about – lots of yardwork, a tour of Zara’s “school” she starts this fall, 2 family naps, 2 movie date nights at home, and Zara had a lot of fun at a friend’s birthday party! So to kick off the new week, I’m going to do something a little different with this post and share Four Things about me – a fun idea I found on Kelly’s blog.

Four Nicknames
tiff, tiffachur, star, mamama (Zara adds a third “ma” in there)

Four Jobs I’ve Had
paper route, dance instructor, communications intern, marketing manager
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A Sad “Grey” Moment For Me

Disclaimer: This post will be written in a more somber tone than I’m used to. Sad moments don’t happen often for me, and when they do they don’t last long, so I’ll get back to the sunshine and rainbows in my next post. 🙂

Warning: This post contains spoilers, so if you haven’t watched THE episode of Grey’s Anatomy that aired last night, do not read this post until you do. You have been fairly warned!

I have watched every single episode of Grey’s Anatomy since it first aired in 2005. There have been tragedies, cliffhangers, beloved character deaths, and shocking plot twists ever since – that’s part of what makes it a great show! Last night’s episode was one of those, if not THE BIGGEST ONE. Continue reading

The Differences in my Two Pregnancies – From my Babies’ Viewpoints

Blogging 101 – Day Seven: Give and Take

Today’s Prompt: Write a post based on the contrast between two things – whether people, objects, places, emotions, or something else.

Today’s Twist: Write your post in the form of a dialogue.

I am going to do something a little different today and write about my two pregnancies, from the babies’ perspectives. My pregnancies have been pretty similar in the general sense – no nausea, no morning sickness, no swelling, no outrageous mood swings, no uncomfortable pains, etc…. I know, I’m aware that most people want to punch me in the face. But it’s true, I love being pregnant and I am soaking up these last couple months because I know this is my second and last pregnancy.

While my pregnancies have been relatively the same for me, I thought it would be fun to imagine them from my baby-in-the-womb’s perspective. Throughout my entire first pregnancy, we referred to the baby as Ziggy. This nickname was born early on in the pregnancy, from Ziggy the Zygote, before we even knew the gender. And up until the very day she was born, we referred to Zara as Ziggy throughout the entire 41+ weeks. We don’t have a cute nickname for this second one (poor 2nd child syndrome already), but he has been lovingly referred to as Baby Boy. So for the sake of this writing exercise, I am going to just refer to the two viewpoints as Girl and Boy. 

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Blogging 101 – Dedicated to my dear friend Terry Norwood

Day One – Unlock the Mind

(Just as a quick intro, I joined a writing/blogging course though wordpress and today is day one of a 20-day writing challenge. I will be given a prompt and a twist each weekday for the next few weeks, and I can choose to do either or both (or neither). Today’s prompt is 20 minutes of free writing, and the twist is to publish it to my blog.)

My dear friend Terry Norwood. I met her 10 years ago in 2005. And I never knew just how much she would impact my life, until she was gone. She passed away suddenly at the end of September 2014. I was not ready for her to be gone… but then is anyone ever ready for that? Continue reading