Adult Corner to Kid Corner!

Well… it was bound to happen. And as “against” it as we were at first, we sure have embraced it now! It’s funny how our feelings about certain things change when we grow up have kids.

Our downstairs room used to be a rec room complete with a pool table, dart board, and bar stools. Now it’s the family/play room complete with a play kitchen, Nintendo, and pack-n-play. I wish I had “before” pictures to show the complete transformation, but that was a whole different phone camera ago! But here are the “after” pictures of one of the best most-utilized rooms in our house, our family/play room:  Continue reading

House Projects Update!

Here it is… the post I have been teasing about… Our house projects update! There are finally some worthwhile updates to add, and I am so excited to finally be making strides forward with this daunting 10-step project: Getting the baby’s nursery ready! And with less than four weeks until his due date, we have no more time to waste procrastinate.

As a reminder, here are the 10 steps that we needed to do in order to get the nursery ready for baby. The completed steps are crossed off. The few that are not are still in progress! Keep reading below for the details on each step, plus pictures! Continue reading

Our Costume Closet!

As our family continues to grow, the need for more house space continues to grow as well. But since we are not moving into a bigger house (yet), we need to get creative with the space that we have. Some sacrifices are necessary (office space now in the garage), some moving is necessary (Hayden to the bigger room downstairs), some creative thinking is necessary (hello, cat closet!), and some purging is necessary (good bye, certain furniture and boxes and bags of “stuff”). But some things never change, and one of those things is that the Parkinson household has and will always have a costume closet. I have big dreams that later in life (when we live in a huge waterfront mansion, of course), I will have an entire room dedicated to our costumes – I envision a Hollywood dressing room type of room, complete with full length mirrors, lights, display shelves, comfy seating, etc. But for now, in our suburban family home, it is a costume closet. And it is finally organized and put together!  Continue reading

Weekend in Review

Last week, I took a little unplanned break from my blog and used my writing time to explore and read other blogs to get some new creative ideas and ways to organize and plan my own blog. One of those ideas that I’ve seen a lot of mom bloggers doing is a Weekend in Review post at the end of every weekend – and I’m starting that on mine now! So let’s get right to it… We had an amazing weekend! And of course, the beautiful weather was much appreciated… 🙂  Continue reading

Our Family Organization Wall

A few years ago, Jeremy and I started our shared electronic calendar. It mostly consisted of our upcoming trips and Hayden visits. With both of us working full-time, our weekdays were pretty routine due to our similar office hours. Now add in prenatal appointments, kid play dates, workout classes, school schedules, work trips, family dinner planning, band practice, and social commitments, and we have the need for a full Family Organization Wall to keep track of everything.


Here’s a closer look at all the specifics that help keep our family organized…  Continue reading