Blue Friday Favorites!

Go Hawks!! Today’s Friday Favorites are all about the Seattle Seahawks! Here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, we all have some good football fun on Blue Fridays – which is hopefully every Friday from here on out through the Super Bowl! Fun Fact: my girl Zara (born Thanksgiving Day 2013) doesn’t know a Super Bowl without the Seahawks in it. This year, we’re going for three in a row! 🙂 (It doesn’t help that we’re starting the season 0-2, but moving on…) Let’s celebrate some Blue Friday Favorites…. In the spirit of the 12s (what Seahawks fans are called), I’ve got 12 Seahawks Blue Friday Favorites! GO HAWKS!! Continue reading

Our Costume Closet!

As our family continues to grow, the need for more house space continues to grow as well. But since we are not moving into a bigger house (yet), we need to get creative with the space that we have. Some sacrifices are necessary (office space now in the garage), some moving is necessary (Hayden to the bigger room downstairs), some creative thinking is necessary (hello, cat closet!), and some purging is necessary (good bye, certain furniture and boxes and bags of “stuff”). But some things never change, and one of those things is that the Parkinson household has and will always have a costume closet. I have big dreams that later in life (when we live in a huge waterfront mansion, of course), I will have an entire room dedicated to our costumes – I envision a Hollywood dressing room type of room, complete with full length mirrors, lights, display shelves, comfy seating, etc. But for now, in our suburban family home, it is a costume closet. And it is finally organized and put together!  Continue reading

The Story of My Hair

Maybe I was a hair stylist in a past life. I’ve always had fun with my hair. I braid it, twist it, pin it, flip it, crimp it… you name it, I’ve tried it. I was blessed with natural curls, but it’s also fine enough that I can easily use a flat iron to straighten it or a curling iron to loosen it into waves. One thing I don’t do, and this might surprise people, is use products. I don’t use gel, mousse, hair spray, serum, anything. Just shampoo, conditioner, and sometimes leave-in conditioner. And color. I have a lot of fun with color. Let’s start at the beginning…  Continue reading