Fourth of July Weekend!

What a wonderful 4th of July weekend! We had no idea what we would be doing, or if we would have our fifth little family member with us, or how the weekend would play out at all. Jeremy, Hayden, and I all had a feeling the littlest newest Parkinson baby would be born ON the 4th of July, so we knew we couldn’t make definitive plans with anyone. And we were all wrong. Here I am, writing this post on Monday, and little guy is still in my belly! I really did not think he would go this late, but he’s hanging out in there for a bit longer! So we went about our weekend and had a great time!  Continue reading

Zara’s Tips to Beat the Heat

The Pacific Northwest has been having quite the heat wave this summer already. It has been the hottest month of June in recent years, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to start cooling off any time soon. And we’ve been loving it! Hayden, Zara, and I have been in or near the water every day, every chance we get. Hayden is usually in the water for most of the picture opportunities, so here are Zara’s tips on how to beat the heat:

IMG_20150628_163805_267-1IMG_20150628_163844_493-1 (1) Continue reading

Weekend in Review Right up to Baby Boy’s Due Date!

Today is baby boy’s due date! He’s not here yet, but that is just fine. 🙂 In my What’s Up Wednesday blog post, I said our weekend plans included a wedding, a birthday party, continued deck building, hopefully some lake time, and definitely some 90-degree weather — and all of that happened! It is a little uncomfortable sleeping upstairs at night with no air conditioning in our house, but I’m still not complaining about this amazing summertime weather! There are always ways to cool off – lakes, pools, sprinklers, fans, ice cream, frozen yogurt, popsicles… we’re loving it!  Continue reading

Soaking Up the Sun… And Daughter :)

A little over a week ago, I got some really great advice about this little bundle of joy who is due in two weeks now (but could arrive any day). The advice though is actually about my firstborn, my daughter Zara. I was told that while the newborn is going to need me full-time, with holding, nursing, rocking, burping, cuddling, loving, etc… that my 18-month-old is going to all of a sudden seem big and old enough to do things on her own and not need me as much anymore. But it is important for me to remember that she is still a baby, she is still dependent on me, and she is going to need me even more. While this is really great advice and a good reminder for me to hear, it made me sad. It made me realize that I am really going to miss this alone time I have right now with my daughter. I don’t want her to feel left out or neglected or forgotten at all. So since receiving that great advice, I have been making it a point to focus heavily on her and go on a lot of fun adventures together. Last week was a hot week weather-wise, so I was soaking up a lot of sun… and time with my daughter.  Continue reading

80s Weekend!

Our Goonies ’80s weekend turned into a different kind of 80s weekend. Instead of going to Astoria, OR for the 30th anniversary weekend celebration of the Goonies and dressing up ’80s-style, we decided to stay home, enjoy the mid-to-upper-80s-degree weather here, and get started on our summertime house projects – namely the back deck!! And boy was progress made!  Continue reading

Fun in the Sun Friday!

It’s truly amazing what the sunshine does for your mind, body and soul! At least mine anyway 🙂 I am just loving this weather we’re having! Happy summer!!

Zara and I started this Friday with a fun Stroller Strides class, complete with a water play date afterwards. She was a little young last summer to really enjoy the water activities, but she is all over it this summer!! Redmond Town Center, where we have our Stroller Strides classes, has a “splash area” for the kids, so a group of us went over there after class to let the kids enjoy this summertime weather!

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Baby Names

We are having such a hard time coming up with this baby’s name! With Zara, it was easy. For most of the pregnancy, I wanted her name to be Indiana and we would call her Indie. But then right around 7 months pregnant, when we were camping at our favorite camp spot at Lake Chelan, we said Zara Winter, and we both instantly knew that was her name. It is from her Great-Grandma Parkinson’s side of the family, and it suits her perfectly. Naming this boy, however, is proving to be a lot more difficult. We are well into the 8th month of pregnancy and we are not even close to narrowing down the options. Continue reading

Memorial Day Weekend in Review

I love Memorial Day weekend, for multiple reasons. I love that it’s a 3-day weekend (for most!), I love that it is unofficially the start of summer, and I love that it kicks off camping and bbq’ing season! Usually we either go camping with my sister’s family (they still went), or we go boating with our friends (they still went), but this year, we stayed home and worked on our house projects. Seems like the story of my life lately, but it needs to get done. And it feels great to be making progress!

Memorial Day weekend is so much more than camping, boating, and bbq’ing, of course. I grew up in a very patriotic family, and I feel blessed that I have not personally lost any family members while they were in uniform. But many people have, and those are not forgotten. There are not enough words to express our gratitude for those that have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

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Slowing Down to the Speed of Zara

Last week I did five Stroller Strides/Barre classes, one Fit4Baby class and ran a 5k on the weekend. So I decided this week to slow it down just a bit, give my body a little break, and focus on more fun adventures with Zara. We had some pre-scheduled home and doctor appointments anyway, so our Stroller Strides schedule was going to be a little tough to maintain. But let’s be honest, play dates with a toddler is not exactly slacking on exercise!  Continue reading

Mother’s Day Weekend in Review

What a wonderful weekend! We enjoyed amazing mid-70s-degree weather here in the Pacific Northwest! It was absolutely beautiful, and our family had a very nice, relaxing (and productive!) time.

Let’s start with Friday afternoon… Jeremy came home from work early so that I could go to a nearby photo/video shoot. I was asked to be a fitness model for a physical therapy training program – they needed a “pregnant athlete” to demonstrate some exercises for their medical training videos. Let’s just say I was honored to be asked! Continue reading