A Day in the Life of Zara

Hi everyone, this is Zara! My mom has been so busy having fun with all of her projects and challenges right now (and brother and I keep her pretty busy too), that she hasn’t even had a chance to sit down to write about any of them for quite awhile now. So we decided to change it up a bit today and have me, Zara Winter (age 23 months), sit in as a guest blogger and write a post about my adventures. So here is A Day in the Life of Zara. Enjoy!


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Today I Chose Sleep

Hello Monday.

Today is normally a day that I would post an update and new goal for my next Momentum Monday. Or a post about all of my ridiculous, I mean fun 🙂 goals and challenges I am currently working on – my October fitness goals, my current house project, my fall bucket list, the great purge-fest of 2015, to name a few. Or even a post about another ridiculous, I mean fun 🙂 new challenge that I am starting today – the 21-day fix.

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Fall Bucket List

There’s no denying it anymore, folks! We’ve had our first October weekend, which means fall has officially begun. (I realize that it already “officially/technically” had started, but I hold on to summer for as long as possible!) As far as seasons go, summer is my favorite, winter is a very close second, and fall is a respectable third! (Sorry spring, you’re pretty and all, but you’re basically just the stepping stone to summer.)

So with the new fall colors, and the cute boots and leggings, and the apple pickings and pumpkin patches in full force, there are plenty of reasons to get outside and enjoy this amazing season!  Continue reading

Life Lately *Teaser Alert*

Oh boy! I cannot believe that it is mid-September already! So much has happened, and is happening right now, and I have not had a split second to sit down on my computer and write a blog post. I have quite a few posts started (let’s be honest, most of them only have a title so far!), and they are just saved in the oh-so-sad “drafts” folder, waiting to be written, edited, and published. You see, I started September off full of goals, inspirations, motivation, a new schedule, and desire to get things done… and here we are, mid-September, and I have not even gotten back to my dear blog to share my progress on all of these wonderful things. Because, well, life happened. Continue reading

My Absolute *Favorite* Moment of Summer 2015

Summer 2015 was fantastic. (I’m sad to say it in the past-tense, so let’s just move on from that quickly!) I was pregnant for half the summer and have had my newborn for the second half. Obviously it has been wonderful and amazing and awesome (etc etc etc) since he has been born, but my #1 most memorable favorite moment of the summer was just hours before he was born. I know the exact moment that was my absolute favorite, and it is one that I will never forget!

goodbye summer hello autumn
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Back to Real Life…. and Finding our New Normal

Hi there, sweet and patient blog, sorry I’ve been neglecting you. The last couple weeks have been getting back to real life for us, meaning… Jeremy is back to work full time, Hayden is back to his mom’s house getting ready for the new school year, which leaves me now to figure out my new normal daily routine with two babies under two. Back to real life also means that the meal train of free food and (almost) daily visitors has slowed down, which means that I’m back to grocery shopping and cooking and doing the dishes. Back to real life means that it’s time for me to figure out somewhat of a daily routine to stick to, so that Zara, Gavin, and I all stay sane, happy, and alive.  Continue reading

Whatta Weekend!

What a weekend indeed! We didn’t do much. But it was great! It was gray and rainy, which it hasn’t been here in the Pacific Northwest in months, and it was our first weekend without Hayden here for quite some time, and we didn’t have too much planned. So, for two days in a row, we had…. wait for it…. family nap time! And it was amazing.  Continue reading

A Bittersweet Final Day with Hayden

What an amazing first half of the summer!! Things didn’t go exactly as planned as far as Hayden’s first summer visit this year (ah-hem, 2 weeks late Gavin!), but luckily all four of Hayden’s parents can go with the flow. With Hayden having two families, he had two huge life milestones happening this summer. With us, he had his littlest baby brother being born. With his mom’s side, they were packing up their house in Medford OR and moving to Moscow ID. The original plan was to have Hayden with us for three weeks (and we cushioned the dates around baby brother’s due date), and then he would fly back to Medford in time to pack up and make the drive over to Moscow with everyone. That plan was going smoothly…. until baby brother’s due date came and went and he wasn’t here yet. 🙂 Since Gavin stayed in the womb an extra 13 days past his due date, we wound up extending Hayden’s visit for two more weeks. That meant he would fly directly to Pullman/Moscow and meet up with his mom’s family for the second half of their move instead.  Continue reading

10 Things I’ve Realized/Remembered with Having a Newborn in the House

Gavin Russell Parkinson was born on July 12 at 4:55am! Just 13 days past his due date. And his size showed for it: he was 8 lbs 10.5 ounces and 22 inches long! Ouchie for his mama! 🙂 His birth was amazing – I’ll detail that story out in a separate post coming very soon. Until then, I wanted to share a few things I’ve realized/remembered in the last four days since he’s been home with us.  Continue reading