A Day in the Life of Zara

Hi everyone, this is Zara! My mom has been so busy having fun with all of her projects and challenges right now (and brother and I keep her pretty busy too), that she hasn’t even had a chance to sit down to write about any of them for quite awhile now. So we decided to change it up a bit today and have me, Zara Winter (age 23 months), sit in as a guest blogger and write a post about my adventures. So here is A Day in the Life of Zara. Enjoy!


I start my day between 8-9am with a smile. When I wake up, I roll over and turn on my music and then sit or stand in the corner of my crib, watching the door to see if it’s going to be mom or dad to come in and get me. They always surprise me with who it’s going to be, and they are both always so happy to see me, and I am so happy to see them too!! After our usual excitement to see each other again (I had just been asleep in my crib for 12 hours straight!), I point to everything I had thrown overboard for said parent to pick up: my cuddly, my taggie, my bottle, my princess blanket, all of my beloved stuffed animals. It’s a fun game we like to play every morning!


So yesterday, after my first diaper change of the day and a wardrobe change into my morning play clothes, I got to hang out with my mom on their bed while dad finished getting ready to go. I heard my mom tell my dad that she loved cuddly moments like these that she got with just me before baby brother wakes up. It doesn’t happen every morning, but we both love it when it does!


Then after dad left and brother woke up, we headed downstairs so mom could make breakfast. It is always my favorite when I get to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the morning! Brother usually doesn’t care, so he eats his breakfast then.

IMG_20151105_093214_402 IMG_20151105_093621_874 IMG_20151105_094358_489

And it’s always so fun when mom picks me up and dances with me around the living room when they do the hot dog dance at the end of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

IMG_20151106_003158 IMG_20151106_003228

After breakfast, we headed down to my play room for a bit while mom cleaned up the kitchen and played with us at the same time. It was like she was in two places at once! I pulled all of my toys off the shelf so that I could spread them out across the floor before deciding which one I wanted to play with.


Then it was time to go to school! Mom had to wrestle me into other clothes and shoes first – I tried my best to stay barefoot by arching my back and trying to get away, but it didn’t work. We get to go to school once a week and it is always so fun! There is always a different theme, and this week was Fall Leaves. I really liked raking the leaves in the sensory table filled with barley and gourds!

IMG_20151105_114109_181 IMG_20151105_114122_544

I also liked sitting on the Zara-sized yoga ball and picking out a good book to eat read, before needing to take an important phone call.

IMG_20151105_114309_645-1IMG_20151105_121152_721 IMG_20151105_121554_697

Next up was snack time, which is hit or miss with me. I won’t try any of the fruits or vegetables because gross! The crackers and light colored food are usually good though. I also really like living on the edge and using a cup with no lid. I usually spill it, but oh well. We always wash our hands and clean up afterwards because somehow snack time always gets messy.


After snack, we circled up for songs and dancing, which included leaves falling all over the place this week! I liked collecting them all and picking them up for the teacher.

IMG_20151105_125231_400 IMG_20151105_125242_452 IMG_20151105_125158_057

The group activity this week was the parachute, which we got to shake all around and make the leaves bounce and dance – so fun!

IMG_20151105_125719_385IMG_20151105_125749_585 IMG_20151105_125858_846

At the end of school, we always get a hand stamp from the teacher. The rule is to sit down and wait for your turn, so I always sit so patiently and anxiously wait for my stamp, which is always something so cool. This week it was an orange leaf!

IMG_20151105_130221_760 IMG_20151105_130231_252

Then the best part of school… we get to go outside and play before we leave!! So fun!! Since I had taken my boots and socks off at some point today, mom had to put those back on for me and she also made me wear my rain jacket outside too. Gotta love this November rain! I always run first to the castle lookout tower and climb up to check things out before I slide down.

IMG_20151105_131116_622 IMG_20151105_131135_800 IMG_20151105_131140_038

The next slide over is fun too, but it’s smaller and faster, so I don’t really know what to think about it yet! The bottom always send you flying through the air before landing on the ground, so sometimes that makes me laugh, and sometimes I have to look at mom first to decide if I’m going to laugh or cry. Today it was funny!

IMG_20151105_131252_517 IMG_20151105_131634_728 IMG_20151105_131637_183

I always like to explore all the different play structures there, and it’s also important to stay hydrated, even in the PNW rain.

IMG_20151105_133121_082 IMG_20151105_131229_095 IMG_20151105_132151_373

Then we headed home for a late lunch and a nap. I was exhausted by then and ready to sleep for a couple hours. When I woke up, I helped mom play with Gavin for a little bit until he fell asleep so that I could have some more alone playtime with her.

IMG_20151105_201105_483 IMG_20151105_190644_295 IMG_20151105_183139_002

First I worked on my architect designs…

IMG_20151105_200535_548 IMG_20151105_200518_277

And then I rode my horse Sue…

IMG_20151105_195109_092 IMG_20151105_195056_853

And then it was time to go to work – I had another important phone call to make and I had to work on both laptops! It’s tough work, but someone’s got to do it.

IMG_20151105_193654_984 IMG_20151105_194130_960 IMG_20151105_201358_257

Next, mom tried to make me smile for a selfie with her, but I finally caught on to how many pictures she was taking of me all day, so I stole her phone and took my own selfies. I think my photography skills are artistic.

IMG_20151105_195416_256 IMG_20151105_195828_188 IMG_20151105_195610_313

Finally, dad got home and it’s always great to see him after such a short fun day. Then we ate dinner – mom just always seems to have food ready for me! Tonight we got to watch Thursday Night Football while we ate dinner, and even though the Seahawks weren’t playing, it’s still fun to watch all of the players fall down. I clap every time they fall because it’s so funny!


After dinner we headed back downstairs to “clean up” and “wind down for the day”. This is usually when I see something else that I hadn’t yet played with. Today it was pulling all of the foam letters with holes in them out of their spots on the big floor mat and hanging them on my arm instead. And then mom helped me put them all back in place.

IMG_20151105_193820_270 IMG_20151105_193909_899 IMG_20151105_194016_732

Mom got all excited when Gavin rolled over, but to me, please – that is so last year!

IMG_20151105_194102_492 IMG_20151105_194121_992

I heard mom saying it was time to go to bed, so I took this perfect opportunity to pretend like I didn’t hear her and instead run around in crazy circles like a mad woman! Gotta get all that extra energy out.

IMG_20151105_195351_135 IMG_20151105_201208_251

Finally I gave in, and I agreed it was night-night time, and I grabbed my vacuum to help clean up while mom put all of the toys away. Somehow my play room is always put back together in the morning!

IMG_20151105_202219_216 IMG_20151105_202228_625

We went through my whole nighttime routine, and I was in bed by 830pm. It was a lovely 12 hours of fun and adventure and playing and exploring, and then I was in bed for another great 12 hours of sleep. Cuddly, check. Taggie, check. Bottle, check. Princess blanket, check. All of my stuffed animals in their corners, check. The gang’s all here – good night!


I wonder what tomorrow’s adventures will bring!! 🙂

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