Show and Tell: COSTUMES!!

What perfect timing for this Show and Tell linkup with Andrea over at momfessionals! The topic this week is Halloween costumes. I’m pretty sure this is one of my favorite topics on the Show and Tell list this year.

We love Halloween. We love costume parties. We love it all. I mean, we have a costume closet. And it’s awesome. So I’ve got too many plenty of costume pictures to share, but I’m going to keep this one short and sweet and just share my favorite “turning point” costume that I wore two years ago – which marked my final Halloween before I became a mom.


The pregnant inmate. I was actually 8.5 months pregnant during Halloween 2013, and I was trying to determine what I could dress up as with my preggo belly. The Halloween theme for my department at work was a jail, so I just went with it and rocked the hardcore pregnant inmate look, complete with braids, tattoos, a (fake) cigarette, and the amazing orange inmate jumpsuit.

My first baby was officially full term, so I could have gone into labor any day, and this costume (unintentionally) symbolized a number of things…

  • the end of my independent freedom
  • the end of my carefree days
  • the end of a boring daily work life at a desk job
  • the beginning of the best thing that could ever happen to me

A few weeks later, I gave birth to my awesome daughter and my life has forever been changed. Instead of feeling trapped and isolated as a new mom, I feel like I busted out of the work life jail. Having a little person depend and rely on me every day is so much more rewarding than having a bunch of business projects to work on for someone else.

And that Halloween marked the transition to now getting to dress my kiddos up and celebrating the fun holiday with them! We have a few dress up festivities coming up, and I’m excited to announce that I will have a little Mickey and Minnie Mouse accompanying me to some fun events in the next couple weeks!

I have also opened up my costume closet to my local Buy Nothing group to borrow from. Because we have so many fun costumes and accessories saved up over the years, I thought why not help other people out with their fun?! We’ve got so many great items for so many different themes – why let them just sit in the closet, all alone, hoping to be worn again soon…. These costumes deserve to shine this Halloween! And I’m glad to help out my local community if it means more people will lighten up and have a good time and enjoy the FUN that dressing up in costumes is. 🙂

Happy Halloween! Embrace this fun holiday like a carefree child! And *bonus* we get to celebrate an extra hour with daylight savings fall back on Halloween night! So fun! 🙂


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