Clue Murder Mystery Dinner Party!

Who doesn’t love a good murder mystery dinner party? Last weekend, 8 of our friends decided to dress up like the classic Clue characters and get together for a good old fashion Whodunit dinner party!

12140034_10153178373153857_2568837387856195186_o (1)

As we arrived at our friends’ fancy new house, the ’50s music was playing, there was a string of festive lights twinkling, the drinks were poured, the dinner table was set. And we had the classic weapons gathered up for the party: the rope, revolver, lead pipe, knife, candlestick, and wrench.

12072707_1024000304297937_6070008175950283245_n 12141697_10207810953502383_2189218619109744077_n

These drinks probably make it look like we drinking more than we were. While the guys did want to try the good ol’ Moscow Mule in the fancy mule mugs, let’s face it: we are a bunch of 30-somethings with kids and we just can’t keep up with the days of yesteryear (our young 20s). In fact, one of us is pregnant (not me!), one of us is on a diet that says no alcohol (not me!), and one of us is nursing (okay, that one is me!). But we can pretend and at least the setting was set!

12064201_10207822946802208_74983971_n 12166342_10207822946322196_72073558_n

And speaking of the kids, we did have our little junior detectives there! Zara was all dressed up for the fancy dinner party (her first pigtails!), and Gavin had on his fancy dinner shirt (I wish we got a better picture, but there is a little black bow tie on it).

12087213_10153178271543857_3642811810961235579_o 12143115_10153178859023857_5150899793168439322_n

Okay, enough with the kid cuteness 😉 and on with the suspects!! If you know Clue, then you know we had all of them there….


And finally, as if this wasn’t fun and entertaining enough, we had the Clue DVD and the board game to watch and play!

clue the movie clue board game 2

So… Whodunit? Was it Colonel Mustard with the revolver in the library? Or Mrs. Peacock with the rope in the billiards room? Whatever the outcome, we had a blast!

And thanks to our costume closet, Jeremy and I already had all of the clothing and accessories that we needed to pull off Mr. Green and Mrs. White (even though we had never dressed as those specific characters before). So much fun! When’s our next costume party??

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