Momentum Monday #4

Well today was a very busy Monday! And it’s going to be a very busy week! I hope to keep the momentum going because today certainly was a great start, and I will be very lucky surprised happy to end the week with the same gusto as it began!

12112081_10153612758161093_6157278993809577143_n 12079276_10153618381074250_1661032053655719725_n

It felt so good to make it to Stroller Strides this morning, so I hope to keep that momentum going and get in some more great workouts this week!

I also got some work done today on one of my house projects and my big purge-fest, so there should be great progress to report back on those this week!

There were some plans made today to get a few things crossed off my fall bucket list, so that’s moving right along as well.

And – bonus – today’s Monday Night Football was the Seahawks Lions game. We had some friends over, made a delicious taco bar, and had a great time! It wasn’t pretty the whole time, but a win’s a win! Go Hawks!!

Big things are happening this week… let’s do this!!

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