Fall Bucket List

There’s no denying it anymore, folks! We’ve had our first October weekend, which means fall has officially begun. (I realize that it already “officially/technically” had started, but I hold on to summer for as long as possible!) As far as seasons go, summer is my favorite, winter is a very close second, and fall is a respectable third! (Sorry spring, you’re pretty and all, but you’re basically just the stepping stone to summer.)

So with the new fall colors, and the cute boots and leggings, and the apple pickings and pumpkin patches in full force, there are plenty of reasons to get outside and enjoy this amazing season! I came across a fun list of “20 Things to Do This Fall”, and I decided I want to do all of them! I don’t know what my deal has been lately, but I’ve set some fall fitness goals, and I’ve declared October as my month to purge (is ‘Octopurge’ or ‘Purge-tober’ a better name??), and apparently I’m just on a list-making, goal-setting, I-want-to-challenge-myself kick! This fall list includes October and November though (because let’s face it, once December hits, we’re into winter!), so I’ve got two months to cross all of these off!


I read this list and it all sounds like so much FUN!! And I think about my two little sidekicks who will most likely be with me for all of them, and I can’t wait to get started. We already did some of these things this weekend, but I’ll detail out our progress in some upcoming posts. But let me tell you, these two little people make everything so much more FUN! I mean, when you’ve got a baby snoring in your face, and a toddler trying to steal your sunglasses, how do you not laugh at that? 🙂

IMG_20150929_120307_963 IMG_20150929_105651_264

And I LOVE it when Jeremy can join us as well. The kids have so much fun with him (especially Zara right now!), so I’m excited for evening walks and weekend adventures with him as well. When this is our neighborhood view, how can we not get out there and enjoy it as much as possible?? These early fall evenings are pretty close to late summer evenings – I love seeing these iconic hot air balloons over our neighborhood lake while the sun is setting…. so pretty!


And so with that… let’s let the FALL FUN bucket list begin!! 🙂

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