What’s Up Wednesday – Toddler Freakout!

September 30 – shout out to my girl Carrie Grant! Happy Birthday, dear friend πŸ™‚

Today is also the last Wednesday of September, so that means it’s time for another What’s Up Wednesday link up with Shay, Mel, and Sheaffer!


Whats up Wednesday

These What’s Up Wednesday posts are fun. I usually start thinking about them on Monday of the final week of every month. Sometimes I get a draft started early. Other times I write it all out on that very Wednesday. I’ve been thinking about this month’s post for a few days now, and I had a clear theme that it would be – Fall Edition. But instead, at the last minute, this one changed to TODDLER FREAKOUT EDITION!!!!

Today started off normal enough. I got up early, saw Jeremy off to work, Zara and Gavin each woke up and had their breakfasts, and the three of us set out to our morning activities. We went to Redmond Town Center where the FIT4MOM studio is, and Zara played for awhile with her friends at the Sensory Garden, then Gavin had a little baby play date at the studio, I chatted with my boss and a few people there… Then we headed back to the car and home for lunch and then Zara’s naptime. Normally, Zara will nap for a good three hours in the afternoon, and Gavin has been taking a good snooze for a portion of that time. And that’s when I was planning to finish my What’s Up Wednesday post.

Instead, Zara had a MELTDOWN. She did not have her beloved cuddly for her nap. So we searched for it. We searched every room in the house. We searched the car. We could not find that cuddly. And she was not going down for her nap without it. And just like that, the ONLY THING THAT WAS UP THIS WEDNESDAY was finding that cuddly.

Zara is not a screamer. She rarely cries. She rarely has meltdowns, and when she does, they don’t last long. (knock on wood.) This girl was screaming bloody murder without that cuddly.

At this point, Gavin did fall asleep (somehow!), and I knew Zara was not going down for her nap without that cuddly. So I transferred Gavin to Zara’s room and closed the door so that he could get some rest in there. And Zara and I searched the rest of the house again. The only conclusion that I could come to was that it somehow got left at Redmond Town Center this morning. Well, now I couldn’t drive back there to search for it until Gavin woke up.

Jeremy texted me to see how my day was going. I told him that the cuddly had gone missing. Long story short, Jeremy stopped by Redmond Town Center on his way home from work, and I told him where we had parked. He parked there and called me, and he literally re-traced my steps from earlier. He walked to the sensory garden, then up the sidewalk to the studio, then around the corner and around the block back to where we had parked… and lo and behold, he saw the cuddly on the corner, haphazardly thrown off the edge of the sidewalk into the bushes! On Zara’s side of the stroller. This dear-to-her-heart, end-of-the-world-if-she-doesn’t-have-it, sweet precious cuddly had been tossed into the bushes by her and had sat there all alone for hours. While she freaked out at home without it.

Daddy to the rescue! Daddy is her hero! He returns home with the cuddly and she holds it to her face and doesn’t let go. But by now, it is dinnertime and she had gone the entire day without a nap. (And I didn’t write my blog post.) So now, she is happily in bed for the night with her beloved cuddly, and hopefully she sleeps the whole night through dreaming of lovely adventures with that cuddly. Because mommy and daddy did some serious work to get that cuddly found. That’s ALL that was up this Wednesday. It will be a story that we will probably laugh about for a long time. And one that she won’t remember at all.

I don’t know how long this cuddly will be her thing. But right now, it is her world. She loves that cuddly, and clearly she can’t (or won’t) sleep without it. She has had it and has loved it for her entire 22 months on this earth. And my goodness, we will do everything in our power to make sure she has it. Our little Linus πŸ™‚

IMG_20140208_193423_094-1 IMG_20140209_092647_095-1 IMG_20140217_100545_745 IMG_20140504_183752_784 IMG_20140614_181041_165 IMG_20140624_205344_8782015061395155325-1IMG_20150628_163805_267-111411718_10152988055383857_7008829044212344204_o11732040_10153042836478857_3611216026072844236_o12006085_10153130522483857_7329077162297801942_nIMG95576711270599_10152871826508857_1873717226128629592_o11212142_10152868703943857_5381689440390491382_o11731755_10153031221183857_99301563559174172_o

Finding and bringing that cuddly home is ALL THAT WAS UP THIS WEDNESDAY. Hopefully I’ll get back to our regularly scheduled post next month! πŸ™‚

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