Momentum Monday #3

What a great weekend that was! Beautiful fall weather, continued progress on my projects, fun family time, fun gatherings with friends, and the Seahawks win! No complaints here 🙂

And now here we are, another Momentum Monday! Now that September is coming to a close, and I’ve got a few Momentum Mondays under my belt, I’ve noticed that some of my weekly goals might be a little far-reaching for what I can actually accomplish in a week’s worth of “free time” when I have a baby and a toddler to care for full time. And I don’t want to feel like I’m not making any progress if I don’t complete a goal by the end of the week, so I am going to change it up a bit and set one huge goal for the month of October and use my Momentum Monday posts to share my weekly progress updates towards that overall huge goal. We’ll see how this goes!

But first, let’s start with my progress from last week’s goal – to sort through Zara’s and Gavin’s closets and reorganize their clothes. All in all, my stats for the week for this project were:

  • Loads of Laundry: 6
  • Bags to Donate: 3
  • Bags to Consign: 2
  • Bags to Give to Friends: 2

It was a pretty successful week, and their rooms and closets look so much better! Plus we were able to help out some other local families by donating some gently used clothes within our Buy Nothing group, and we were able to share some of the really good ones with friends who are expecting a baby soon. And my laundry helper did her share! Her favorite job is sorting hangers.

IMG_20150928_091633_893-1 IMG_20150928_091427_189-1 IMG_20150928_091924_783-1

IMG_20150928_091652_661-1 IMG_20150926_183235_848-1

So now, on to Momentum Monday #3! I hereby am declaring the month of October my month to purge! I’ve been inspired to purge lately from a few different sources…

First, the progress made in the kiddos’ rooms was a breath of fresh air. Removing unused things and reorganizing the keepers feels amazing…. so it’s time to apply that in other rooms as well.

Second, some friends of ours moved into a bigger house this weekend and seeing their clean slate of wide open and uncluttered rooms was inspiring. Our house is smaller with more stuff crammed into it… so it’s time to free up some of our living space.

Third, one of the blogs that I love reading is Roam Wild and Free. While their lifestyle is not feasible for our family on a permanent basis, I do love some of their basic tips on living a simpler life…. so it’s time to simplify ours.

Fourth, earlier this year, I jumped headfirst into a “40 bags in 40 days” project – a decrapifying challenge that felt amazing to accomplish! Somehow, more crap has found its way back into our lives since then… so it’s time to decrapify again!

Fifth, I always love a good challenge and this is one that will benefit the whole family… so it’s time to dive in!

So… the month of Octopurge begins! Areas that I will focus on are the garage, my closet, our living room and dining room, the bathroom…. there’s a lot of work to do and a lot of stuff to throw away, give away, or store out of the way! Let the purging begin!!


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