Blue Friday Favorites!

Go Hawks!! Today’s Friday Favorites are all about the Seattle Seahawks! Here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, we all have some good football fun on Blue Fridays – which is hopefully every Friday from here on out through the Super Bowl! Fun Fact: my girl Zara (born Thanksgiving Day 2013) doesn’t know a Super Bowl without the Seahawks in it. This year, we’re going for three in a row! 🙂 (It doesn’t help that we’re starting the season 0-2, but moving on…) Let’s celebrate some Blue Friday Favorites…. In the spirit of the 12s (what Seahawks fans are called), I’ve got 12 Seahawks Blue Friday Favorites! GO HAWKS!!

Linking up with Andrea, Narci, and Erika once again for their fun
Friday Favorites linkup party 🙂


1. DIY Seahawks Wreath
This wreath is super easy to make! Just buy a wire wreath shell and some colored fabric at your local craft store, and get to cutting and tying! Boom! (And my neighbor bought me this amazing “Shhh, it’s naptime!” door sign, so that hangs up year-round on our door as well. Because if someone knocks on the door or rings the doorbell during the day, that makes the dog bark, and that wakes the babies up. And that is not fun. Let the babies sleep, people!) Because of our two babies under two situation, our house has kind of become the go-to house for our friends to gather for the Seahawks games as well. So this Seahawks wreath is the perfect greeting as they walk up to the door! And let’s just say…. it’s not naptime during the Seahawks games!
IMG_20150925_132342_804 IMG_20150925_132320_042

2. Seahawks Guest Bathroom
Our downstairs bathroom is kind of awkwardly shaped and it is used the most when we have people over for the games, so we had some fun with it and made it the Seahawks bathroom. Because why not?! (And check out our Seahawks nursery here!)
IMG_20150925_132841_741 IMG_20150925_132827_204 IMG_20150925_132702_449

3. Seahawks Pants
These workout pants are awesome!! They are so stretchy and comfortable, and you can’t see it in the picture, but there is a 12 on the right thigh. And since we have Blue Friday Stroller Strides workouts, every 12th mom needs these pants! And they were only $30 at Costco! Score!

4. Seahawks Pedicure
I don’t need to say why pedicures are amazing, but it’s always fun to pick out fun Seahawks colors and designs! RIght now, I’ve got green and blue with white polka dots on my toes!
IMG_20150502_111329_421-1 IMG_20150913_112708_805-1-1

5. Seahawks Leg Warmers
I have a lot of leg warmers. They didn’t die in the 80s for me. So when a friend found these warm cozy lacy-with-buttons Seahawks leg warmers on Etsy last year, she knew I would have to have them. And she was right. I might have shed a tear when I opened them!

6. Seahawks Apron
I have a very talented friend who sews the cutest aprons and sells them at local famers markets and bazaars. Obviously I had to have this Seahawks one! She doesn’t sell them on Etsy yet, but she should! If only I knew how to sew…
IMG_20150925_123449_897 IMG_20150201_095031_927-1-1-1

7. Seahawks Mommy-and-Me Headbands
That same crafty and talented friend makes mommy-and-me headbands! I bought a pair for me and Zara last year, and my girl always loves when I put mine on and automatically wants to wear hers too. She usually pulls it off after a few minutes, but maybe she’ll keep it on longer this year now that her curls are growing more!

8. FIT4MOM Craft Dates
Have you checked out the local FIT4MOM in your area yet? You should! Not only do we have awesome Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre workout classes that you bring your kids along for, each franchise also has an Our Village group on Facebook where you can connect with other moms and go on play dates for your kids. This week’s craft date was making Seahawks necklaces! So fun!

9. Homemade Knitted 12 Sweater
Last year, 7 of our 12 cousins were expecting new little babies! And my aunt knits these awesome zip-up-the-back sweaters to welcome the new little ones into the world. So I requested Seahawks colors for ours! The great thing about this sweater is that Zara can wear it this year and Gavin can wear it next year! And then we will keep it forever because it is one of a kind and oh-so-cute!

10. Beast Mode Starbucks T-Shirt
So I don’t know the person wearing this shirt. She walked in to the nail salon when I was getting my pedicure and I asked her if I could take a picture of this amazing t-shirt. It’s Beast Mode and Starbucks in one. She said she found it at Target years ago and hasn’t seen it in stores since! I am now on the look out for this shirt. I pretty much have to have it.

11. My little 12s
My kids have a lot of Seahawks outfits to choose from each week. And they (the clothes) are all so cute, and they (my kids) are obviously my favorites!
IMG_20150913_122644_421-2  IMG_20150419_100608_237-1 (1) IMG_20150925_110911_812-1  IMG_20150923_093035_230-1 IMG_20150921_240359_338-1IMG_20150821_170113_958-1 IMG_20150821_164837_362-1 11218087_10153086578078857_4665071019329019472_o (1)

12. Sunday Afternoon Nap with This Guy!
I don’t usually get a nap, but when I do, it’s with this guy! There is just nothing quite like a rainy Sunday afternoon after the Seahawks play and before dinnertime, and a good snuggle on the couch with this little 2-month-old person. There is something about him that makes him the best little napping buddy. I wake up from a deep relaxing sleep with him, and I’m ready to prep for the week ahead!

 And on that note, we’ll wrap up this Seahawks Blue Friday Favorites! GO HAWKS!!
Seattle-Seahawks-Wide-Wallpapers Seattle_Seahawks_Skittles--ZM--TURF

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