Life Lately *Teaser Alert*

Oh boy! I cannot believe that it is mid-September already! So much has happened, and is happening right now, and I have not had a split second to sit down on my computer and write a blog post. I have quite a few posts started (let’s be honest, most of them only have a title so far!), and they are just saved in the oh-so-sad “drafts” folder, waiting to be written, edited, and published. You see, I started September off full of goals, inspirations, motivation, a new schedule, and desire to get things done… and here we are, mid-September, and I have not even gotten back to my dear blog to share my progress on all of these wonderful things. Because, well, life happened.

First of all, Labor Day weekend is always special to me. It’s my official “last hurrah for summer” weekend (which I take very seriously), and we always plan something away and fun. This year’s Labor Day weekend plans started off as going to be two days away, then the plans changed and it was going to be three days away, and before we knew it, it was a five-day road trip across our beautiful state that will be one for the books for many years to come. Blog post about it coming very soon.

Then when we returned home from our road trip, Jeremy was sick with a nasty cold. But he had to go back to work and try to return to normal life. Then Zara caught his cold. And then Gavin caught their cold. And then there I was, trying to return to normal life and get back to all of my September goals, while taking care of three sick babies. (Sorry, husband.)

So… here we are, mid-September, with a lot going on…

  • I’ve made a lot of progress on my organizational shelf wall project. It is almost complete, but it has hit a few humorous snags along the way, so there is an update post coming soon on that!
  • Gavin officially turned 2 months on 9/12 while we were on our road trip, so his 2-month appt is this week. I am so excited to see how much he has grown in height and weight this past month – because He.Is.BIG. He is 2 months old, but his 3 months clothes are already starting to fit tight. I think I have to put aside my next nextpiration project and focus on clearing out all of his ‘3 months and under’ clothes and getting out the next round of 6 months clothes that have been given to him. 😦 (Why does this make me sad? This might be a topic to discuss later.)
  • Zara starts ‘toddler school’ this week! This is basically a pre-pre-school, but I am so excited to get her started in this weekly schedule and social group experience. It will be great for her. It’s a co-op, which means I go with her (which means Gavin goes with me!), so I have a lot of hands-on participation in my near future as well. There will definitely be blog posts on our family co-op toddler school experience throughout the next few months!
  • I have dove head first into my September fitness goals – but it all still needs to get on a more consistent schedule. I blame myself as much as my kids on this one. 😉 Stay tuned, more on this coming soon.
  • Football season has started!! So much fun. Our Sundays from February through August are just weird and not quite right without football going on. Specifically Seahawks football. And while yes, this is half the year, Sundays just don’t feel ‘right’ without football playing at our house. We love it. Fridays are now Blue Fridays through (hopefully) Super Bowl Sunday in February. 🙂 And while yes, sometimes the Hawks will play on Thursday night or Monday night, Jeremy and I both play Fantasy Football, which means we have NFL Network on our TV all week long now. Blog post definitely coming soon on this topic – expect multiple posts on this topic.
  • Big Brother… Am I right?! I can’t believe that it’s already down to the last five houseguests… and this week with two evictions is going to happen quick, and then it will be next week, crowning the winner. What?! There is just too much to even say about this, and it’s not even my life, it’s just something that I watch, so we’ll just let it all play out, and I’ll realize that so many new favorite shows are starting back up in the next few weeks! Hollaaaa!!!!! I think that is one of the many reasons I love Big Brother… it takes up three amazing nights all through the summer to mask the time between seasons of shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder, The Big Bang Theory, etc… And the new Dancing with the Stars season just started, but…. eh, I don’t know how I feel about this season yet.

So that’s life lately. As soon as we get this bug that has been keeping my husband’s, toddler’s, and baby’s voices all raspy and their throats dry and red, as soon as we get all the germs gone and out of our lives forever, the better it will be for all of us. I’ve been cleaning and scrubbing every room in our house. I’ve been washing clothes and fabrics and dishes. I’ve been doing everything I can to prevent further spreading of this nasty bug. I better not catch it too. Who will take care of me if I get sick too? No, this thing just needs to be gone already, so we can all get on with our lives. Please and thank you very much!

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