September Goals: Back to Fitness Fun!

Fitness Fun! Yes, these two words go together! I am excited to be linking up with A Change of Pace and alyssagoesbang for their Training for Tuesday blog posts on the last Tuesdays of every month. It’s a time and place to share fitness goals and updates, as well as motivate each other to stay on track. And now is the perfect timing for me to join in!


Now that Gavin is officially 6 weeks old, I can officially get back to working out – whoo-hoo! I have taken it easy the past 6 weeks since his birth (especially the first 3-4 weeks, when my recovery was no joke!), as well as the final month of pregnancy when I was still being “active”, but let’s be real, I was 9+ months pregnant! Since this is my official “getting back to fitness” blog post goal, I think a little recap of how I got “here” is necessary first…

My body has been through 2 pregnancies in the last 2 years, resulting in the most rapid physical changes I’ve experienced since being full grown. I’ve always been active, but my weight slowly crept up throughout my 20s, and I was at my heaviest when I got pregnant with Zara in 2013. I’m not going to share specific weight numbers because I think that is something personal and unique to each person, and I’ve never been a weight-loss-goal type of girl. During my pregnancies was really the only time I’ve paid much attention to my weight. I think as long as I’m healthy, happy, and I feel fit, then the weight amount doesn’t really matter. That being said, I do have *some* weight to lose.

To put some numbers on it, I was happy and healthy and a little heavier than I wanted to be when I got pregnant with Zara in 2013. Throughout that pregnancy, I gained 25 pounds. After I had her, I lost 50 pounds – thanks to breastfeeding, Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre, and taking up running again. I felt great! And apparently I looked great, because my husband knocked me up again when Zara was 10 months old. Throughout my pregnancy with Gavin, I gained 35 pounds. Since having him, about 15-20 pounds have melted off in the last 6 weeks, without me really doing anything specific. But now it’s time to refocus on fitness and lose another 20 pounds (or more) to get back to where I want to be. It’s time to tone up what has gotten soft.

1980-2012 —– Very active childhood and adulthood, my weight just gradually went up

2013 —– Gained 25 pounds during my first pregnancy

2014 —– Lost 50 pounds through breastfeeding and refocusing on a fit lifestyle

2015 —– Gained 35 pounds during my second pregnancy

             2013                                              2014                                                  2015

I don’t have a specific number in mind for my goal weight, because I don’t want to “fail” if I don’t hit it, and I don’t want to put too much focus on the scale once I’m in the range I want to be in. I just want to be healthy and fit for myself, my kids, and my husband. And I don’t have a specific date to hit my weight range goal, but I do have goals on how to get to that range.

One thing that I don’t do and that I know I don’t have the willpower for is dieting. Nope, dieting is not for me. I don’t believe in depriving; I do believe in indulging. I like everything in moderation – and that includes fruit, vegetables, bread, cheese, fish, red meat, chocolate, beer, wine…. Notice how I put the “good stuff” first? Yeah, those are not in order of my preference. 🙂 But because I know I have a sweet tooth and I know I like the occasional drink, I also know that meeting and maintaining my fitness goals means putting more focus on my activity level.

So… it’s time to get active! What I plan to do this month…

Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre – I found FIT4MOM when I became a mom the first time, and it has been life-changing! I love the daily routine it provides, I love the village of mom and kid friends we’ve made, I love the example it sets for my babies to see their mom working out. And I love our new set of wheels that I just ordered and that should be arriving this week!


Running – I chose that particular double stroller because it’s the best jogging stroller in the world (or so I hear)! I was a runner through high school and college, and then it kind of dropped out of my life when I had a desk job, and then I found it again after I had Zara. I loved having a little running buddy, and I’m excited to now have two running buddies with me. Plus, running is a whole new workout when you’re also pushing 50+ pounds! Right now, I want to ease back into a running schedule and eventually start training for long races again.

Hike it Baby Sept Challenge – I’m excited for the September Challenge with Hike it Baby, which is 30 miles in 30 days! The goal is to log at least 30 miles throughout the month with your baby/toddler OR log at least 30 minutes of daily outdoor activity with your baby/toddler. So I plan to do that with both my baby and my toddler! Zara and I did the June Challenge during my final month of pregnancy with Gavin, so I’m excited to wear Gavin in my front pack and Zara in my backpack this time around – that should be a challenge all in itself! 🙂


Yoga and Stretching – Even just talking about all of this activity makes me want to stretch! I fell in love with yoga years ago and I’m glad I did prenatal yoga while I was pregnant. It’s time to focus on my yoga and dance poses again (husband, if you’re reading this, I AM getting the barre I’ve talked about for so long – I’m getting it SOON!), and it’s time to regain my flexibility. I’m not sure how many yoga classes I’ll be able to get to this month (not many, if any!), but I am signed up for one baby-and-mommy class with Gavin, and I plan to practice in my living room and maybe a morning session on our back deck! And if I’m watching TV at night, I will be sitting on the floor stretching!


That sounds like a fun September to me! While a lot of my family and friends are gearing up for Back to School, I’m excited to get Back to Fitness!! I’ll cheers to that! 🙂

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3 thoughts on “September Goals: Back to Fitness Fun!

  1. alyssa says:

    First off, congrats on the new addition! Good for you for getting back on top of your fitness and making such awesome plans to get to feeling how you want to. Seems like you’ve got a great set of goals lined up here. Hope to see your progress in the next linkups! Happy to have you joining us 🙂 thanks for linking up!

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