Back to Real Life…. and Finding our New Normal

Hi there, sweet and patient blog, sorry I’ve been neglecting you. The last couple weeks have been getting back to real life for us, meaning… Jeremy is back to work full time, Hayden is back to his mom’s house getting ready for the new school year, which leaves me now to figure out my new normal daily routine with two babies under two. Back to real life also means that the meal train of free food and (almost) daily visitors has slowed down, which means that I’m back to grocery shopping and cooking and doing the dishes. Back to real life means that it’s time for me to figure out somewhat of a daily routine to stick to, so that Zara, Gavin, and I all stay sane, happy, and alive. 

For example… grocery shopping. I have not been on top of my grocery game because we have had a very full kitchen for the last 6 weeks, thanks to the generosity of our family and friends bringing us ready-to-eat meals and meals to freeze for later, as well as a variety of snacks, salads, and produce. And Jeremy has been home for those quick trips to the grocery store, where he will bring Zara along for a fun little daddy-daughter outing, and *magically* the things that I needed would reappear in the kitchen. Now, however, I will notice that we’re almost out of milk or – dang it! – I made banana pancakes and we are out of maple syrup. (Zara enjoyed those with peanut butter instead.) So, I find myself in this situation:


What do you do when you have a toddler sitting in the seat of the cart, a baby in his carseat in the bed of the cart, and you forgot to bring a baby carrier to wear the baby to create extra room? Answers: You only get a few of the mandatory groceries needed. You let the toddler walk (this takes longer!) and you fill up the seat of the cart. You push the cart with one hand and you carry a basket in the other. One way or another, you figure it out. And you make a mental note to always store a baby carrier in the car.

Our new normal date nights… Jeremy and I used to go to the movie theater a lot. We love going to see a movie. It is now very few and far between when we get to go. We have to decide which movies we simply must see in the theater, and then plan a baby sitter (which for the most part have still been family members), work out the best time for us, the childcare person, and the babies’ nap/sleeping/eating schedules, and plan from there. So most movies now are waiting until they are out on DVD or available on On Demand and we can watch them from home after the kids are asleep (and then it’s hit or miss if both of us actually stay awake for the whole movie!). So now, our new normal date nights consist of the two of us…


Plus our two under two along with us!


We have found a lot of family-friendly events and we are having so much fun! We’ve gone to live music in the parks, neighborhood BBQs at the lake, family walks at the dog park, family nights at local wineries, etc. These little people we’ve created are fun to bring along on our date nights! As one of my friends said, it’s just more love to share on our dates 🙂

11709864_10153041541058857_4010461288499301892_o 11822319_10153041541198857_2460805612704384975_n

A lot of families are now gearing up for the back to school routine, and here I am just getting back to some sort of routine to keep to. I know it will make my life easier, the kids’ lives better, and the overall flow of our family more enjoyable for all of us. So I have taken the last couple weeks to really focus and hunker down on how to find my new normal.

While Zara is down to one nap a day every afternoon, Gavin is not on a set napping schedule yet, so I only have an hour or two here and there throughout the day to really get my stuff done. “My stuff” meaning… a shower, work on my nextpirations projects, my FIT4MOM marketing work, blogging, etc. I have figured out that exercising is best to include the kids with me (yay for FIT4MOM, seriously!!), house chores are best done by letting my little assistant Zara help out and/or by wearing Gavin so I have both hands, and some “just for me” time is best left when the rest of the house is sleeping at night.

So, sweet and patient little blog of mine, I am sorry I have neglected you for the past couple weeks while I was busy getting everything organized and ready for my new normal real life. But I think it will also be better for you in the long run. Having my “life as a mom to two under two” organized means that my blogging material will also be organized and ready to share!

Some of the things I’ve been getting organized include:
1. Daily schedule for me, Zara, and Gavin
2. Exercise goals
3. Family meal planning
4. Nextpiration projects organization
5. Blog posts calendar

So get ready, ChapterNextBlog… today was day one, and Zara, Gavin, and I are ready to get back to real life and have tons of fun adventures with our new normal!

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“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.” – Ferris Bueller

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