Thoughts on Big Brother…

So I am not a big reality show watcher. I’ve never watched any of the singing competition shows – American Idol, The Voice, American’s Got Talent…. nope, never seen them. I’ve never watched any of the dating shows – The Bachelor, The Bachelorette… nope, not for me. But there are two reality shows that I simply must watch every season they are on – and those are Big Brother and The Challenge. These two shows are on my DVR list to stay. And Big Brother is airing right now, and it is on three times a week – not including Big Brother After Dark, which I don’t have time to keep up on, but I admit I’ll have it on in the background sometimes at night when I’m reading or blogging. 😉 I consider Big Brother and The Challenge to be my “guilty pleasures” because I don’t know too many people who also watch them, meaning I don’t have too many people to discuss them with. And I’ve definitely never blogged about them, but I’m feeling compelled to blog about this week’s BB episodes! 


My thoughts on “Clelli”…. Ugh! I’m so over Shelli. At first I thought her initial little crush on Clay was cute, okay that’s fine. But over the last few weeks, she has been acting like they have been a couple forever. “I can’t imagine this game without him” – okay, then you’re done. You’ve known him for a month, and you’re throwing other alliance members under the bus (ugh, I hate that phrase!). Now the tables have finally turned on you guys – you aren’t in power this week and people finally see that you’ve been behind a lot of the evictions and big decisions. And your concern is that this is the “very worst week” for you two to be up on the block together because it’s the first week before jury?! Seriously? You’re mad that you guys are going to get split up before going to the jury house? I hope Shelli gets evicted tomorrow.

Enter “Cleg”! …. Woah! Who saw the Clay-Meg thing coming? I sure didn’t! I love that they showed that little clip in tonight’s episode! What a scandal! I hope Shelli gets evicted and we see this whole Clay-Meg thing play out. And I hope we get to see Shelli’s reaction later at the finale and she realizes that she was much more into “Clelli” than he was!

Judas…. Ugh, no. Austin and Judas both need to just go. Never liked him.

The twins… They’re great. They won’t win it, but they’re funny. Their husky voices are great. It will be fun to see them work together in the house finally, but Austin/Judas needs to go so they can do their thing without him stalking being in the way.

And I think the winner will be…. Vanessa or Johnny Mac. Vanessa is strategic but emotional – or strategically emotional. 😉 She’s smart enough to win for sure. And Johnny Mac is just hilarious! I like that they showed his family and friends’ thoughts last week to show us that there is more to him than he is letting on. Every time he talks, it is hilarious. He’s definitely got more going for him than anyone is keen to yet.

Is anyone still reading this post? If so, then you probably watch Big Brother too, and you should comment! I would love to hear other BB fans’ opinions! If you don’t watch BB and you’ve read this post to the end… well then you should watch the show because it’s fun!

Tomorrow is eviction night!! Is it bye-bye Shelli? We shall see…

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