Whatta Weekend!

What a weekend indeed! We didn’t do much. But it was great! It was gray and rainy, which it hasn’t been here in the Pacific Northwest in months, and it was our first weekend without Hayden here for quite some time, and we didn’t have too much planned. So, for two days in a row, we had…. wait for it…. family nap time! And it was amazing. 

Saturday… Our big outing for the day was to pick up a water table that was gifted to us from our local Buy Nothing group. The water table is a big deal because I have been looking for one for Zara for a long time now! This girl loves playing and splashing in water. We picked it up, tied it to the top of the car, brought it home… and haven’t set it up for her yet because of the rain. I’m pretty sure tomorrow is the day! In the meantime, she had a fun time playing dress up with my “horse races hat”. 🙂


Saturday afternoon…. Family nap time. It was amazing!

Sunday… I actually had a work event scheduled for Sunday morning. Even though I’m technically on maternity leave, I did not want to miss this event! It was FitFest at Redmond Town Center, and we (FIT4MOM) were one of four fitness companies participating, with my boss teaching a one-hour Body Back class to new and existing clients. I manned our table/booth while the others helped out with the class. Here is a pic of some of our staff – I miss these ladies and our classes, and I am so excited to get back to work and back to working out!


Sunday afternoon… Family nap time. It was amazing!

Monday… I’ll just throw Monday into our weekend wrap-up because it was an amazing day today! This is our final week with Jeremy home for paternity leave, so every day still feels like the weekend for us. 🙂 He went to the gym this morning, so I practiced taking Zara and Gavin out to a play date on my own. It was a success, but thank goodness for my friends – it truly does take a village! I wore Gavin in the ring sling the whole time, while Zara ran around playing at Jump, Rattle, and Roll – an indoor play area full of bouncy houses, slides, toddler toys, etc. She had a blast playing with her friends, and she was more than ready for her nap afterwards! So we got home, and while Zara and Gavin napped, Jeremy stayed home with them while I went to get a coffee and a pedicure! See what I mean, it was a lovely day! 😉

11693997_10100695147196633_335331070581545442_n 11754241_10100695147211603_6518282918329588698_n IMG_20150502_111329_421-1

Monday night… And that’s a wrap! Good night from Gavin 🙂 I can barely handle his cuteness!

IMG_20150727_210053_657 11782526_10153037941568857_3351569627531549581_o

Here’s to a great week!

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