Friday Favorites!

This is my first Friday Favorites post! My heart is just overwhelmed with love and happiness right now, so I thought it is time to share some favorites now that my family of five is complete with an awesome husband, amazing stepson, hilarious toddler, and sweet newborn. I’ve been reading and loving all of the Friday Favorite posts by Andrea, Narci, and Erika for months now, so now it’s time for me to join the fun and post my favorites of the week!


My favorites of the week are definitely unique for me because they are specific to having a newborn again and not being pregnant anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I loved being pregnant (probably more than most people do), but there are some fun perks back to my life now that I am not pregnant anymore! Here we go…

Parkinson Party of Five!
I truly feel that our family is now complete. My husband, my 12-year-old stepson, my 1.5-year-old daughter, and my newborn son all make my heart flutter in their own unique ways. They each make me laugh and smile every single day. My life is so full of joy and love. Is it possible for your heart to burst from happiness? Because mine just might!


An Ice Cold Stella on a Warm Summer Night!
Ah, Stella. Welcome back to my life! And just in time for the rest of the summer, my favorite! I love me an ice cold beer in the summertime. It’s been since Halloween since I’ve had a beer. And this week, after my whole family was asleep, I enjoyed some time to myself out on the back deck, under the summer stars, under a cozy blanket, with an ice cold Stella and a good book. Chill, calm, happiness.


My Ring Sling!
Again, welcome back to my life: babywearing! I love it. I still wear Zara in the hiking backpack and the soft front pack, but I haven’t worn her in my Moby or my ring sling since around the time she started walking. The ring sling is my favorite. Jeremy got it for me for my first official Mother’s Day when Zara was about 5 months old. We ordered it from Sleeping Baby Productions, which I love because you get to choose your own fabric type, fabric color, ring color, and the best part – the pocket accent! I throw my wallet, my cell phone, my keys, and some baby essentials in that pocket and we are good to go! The first picture is of Zara in the ring sling last year, and the second two are now Gavin cuddling up in it this week. LOVE!

10257327_10152118404143857_5836181636118630297_o IMG_20150722_213848_746-1 IMG_20150724_115812_875

Food from Family and Friends!
We are still enjoying the food drop-offs that come with having a baby! My awesome boss at FIT4MOM always sends out an official meal train email to “Our Village” of moms who take our Stroller Strides classes, and they sign up for certain days if they want to come meet our baby and bring us a meal. On top of that, we have had numerous family members and other friends stopping by for the same reasons. Our refrigerator, freezer, counter space, and bellies have been so full of delicious foods! These pictures aren’t great, but they show how packed our fridge and freezer are!

IMG_20150724_223732_511 IMG_20150724_223711_010

Newborn Nursing!
My midwife thought it was awesome when I said it during labor: “I am so excited to breastfeed again!”. Gavin has taken to nursing like a champ. He got right back up to his birth weight in his first week, and he is nursing around the clock, just like he should be. And I love it. I nursed Zara for 13 months – she weaned herself three months into my pregnancy with Gavin. I always said I want to nurse my babies for at least a year and then let them decide when to wean themselves. I am modest and will make it discreet, but I definitely will nurse my babies in public. Today was my first time taking both babies to the park on my own, and while Zara was climbing on the playground, Gavin needed to eat. So I nursed him while wearing him in the ring sling and I was standing at the edge of the playground watching Zara play, and no one noticed a thing. Here is a picture of me nursing Zara last year, sitting on the lookout tower on top of Mt Pilchuck!


So there you have it, my favorites of the week. They are definitely specific to having a newborn back in my life. And now I’m signing off to read some more of my book – another favorite summertime activity that I haven’t had too much time for, but I do now! I am SERIOUSLY…. SO…. HAPPY! Have a great weekend, everyone 🙂

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