10 Things I’ve Realized/Remembered with Having a Newborn in the House

Gavin Russell Parkinson was born on July 12 at 4:55am! Just 13 days past his due date. And his size showed for it: he was 8 lbs 10.5 ounces and 22 inches long! Ouchie for his mama! 🙂 His birth was amazing – I’ll detail that story out in a separate post coming very soon. Until then, I wanted to share a few things I’ve realized/remembered in the last four days since he’s been home with us. 

10 Things About Having a Newborn

1. Visitors!
Our door has been revolving with family and friends coming over to see the new little dude. Our phones have been blowing up with texts to schedule some visits. Our weekly calendar continues to fill up. It’s awesome and we love how loved this little guy already is.

2. Food!
Most of these visitors also bring food! We have had to make room in our fridge, freezer, and counter space to accommodate all of the food that everyone is bringing for us. This is an awesome perk to having a baby for sure! Not only have I not had to cook this week yet, we are enjoying more variety of foods than what we normally would be making. Win-win!

3. Paternity Leave!
It has been absolutely wonderful having my husband at home from work. He has been enjoying a more relaxed schedule with not having to go in to the office every day, and he is getting awesome father-son time with Hayden and father-daughter time with Zara. It’s funny, he actually seems more tired and ready for bed earlier than usual. 🙂

4. Dishes!
Jeremy has also taken it upon himself to take over my usual chore of doing the dishes. And he is actually staying AHEAD of them, unlike me. I can’t even tell you how amazing it is to constantly be walking in to a clean kitchen every morning and throughout the day that I didn’t have to clean myself. Happy wife right here!

5. Naps!
They say to sleep when the baby sleeps. Well my baby is a BIG sleeper, so I haven’t been sleeping nearly as much as he is, but I am definitely getting in a good nap every day. When Zara goes down for her nap in her crib in the afternoon, Gavin and I go across the hall and take a good nap together in my bed. And it is heaven.

6. Baby Snuggles!
Oh man, snuggling with this baby is amazing. He is just so cute and so sweet and so easy to snuggle with. He just gives off a really cool chill vibe. I settled in with him on the couch last night to watch my show (Big Brother), and I realized that the show was happening and I was just watching him instead. Good thing for DVR.

7. Big Baby Snuggles!
Zara is transitioning into her big sister role pretty well, in that she is very curious with the new little baby in the house and she likes to look at him and touch him – and for the most part, she is pretty gentle with him. But she does notice that she is getting just a little bit less of mommy’s attention right now, so she and I both are capitalizing on our mommy-daughter time together. When I put her down for her naps and bedtime, she monkeys her arms and legs around me and holds on a bit tighter and longer than she normally would. I’ll take it. She’ll always be my girl.


8. Sibling Cuteness!
It is so sweet seeing the siblings interact with each other. Hayden is the best big brother ever (he has a lot of practice at his mom’s house where he also has two little brothers), so he has really stepped up his role with helping to take care of Zara right now. She adores her big brother Hayden and loves the extra attention from him and play time with him. Hayden also jumps at every chance he gets to hold or kiss his little brother Gavin too. What can I say, my husband makes cute kids!


9. Well Hello, Boobs!
About two days after Gavin was born, my milk came in. And these girls are no joke! My husband’s eyes just about popped out of his head when we woke up that morning and saw them. They weren’t lacking in size already, but HELLO now! As my uterus/belly is busy shrinking back down, these girls have ballooned back up. The female body is an amazing thing. Bon appetit, Gavin!

10. Stitches SUCK!
This is a new one for me. I didn’t have to get stitches when I gave birth to 7 lb 5 oz Zara. But with this big guy… OUCH. And now I have stitches “down there”. And this part of the beautiful miracle of birth is not fun, to say the least. I have to stay hydrated and drink a lot of water, but then I absolutely dread having to go to the bathroom. Because peeing right now STINGS. A LOT. And throw in the occasional surprise sneeze or cough, OW. I really hope these stitches do their job and this all heals really quickly.

(There. I threw in #10 to show that it’s not always sunshine and rainbows for Positive Polly here. I’ll give you one negative out of my list of ten. 🙂 )

But of course, I’m not going to end it on a negative note, so here are some cute pictures of the newest little love of my life!
❤ Gavin Russell Parkinson ❤


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