A Letter to my 12 Days Overdue Baby…

Dear Baby Boy,

Well you sure have taken “tiffany time” to a whole new level! We thought your big sister was late when she was born 8 days overdue, and we thought for sure that you wouldn’t wait that long. But here we are, 12 days past your due date, and you are still hanging out in there. The good news… we finally figured out your pregnancy nickname! Casual Carl 🙂

Your sister Zara’s pregnancy nickname was Ziggy. Throughout the whole pregnancy, we called her Ziggy until the day she was born. That started from Ziggy the Zygote, before we even knew if she was a boy or a girl. We’ve had a tougher time coming up with a nickname (and real name) for you. We have been affectionately calling you Baby Boy this whole time, but I think you have now officially earned the nickname Casual Carl. If it helps, we think we have also figured out your real name, but we are waiting to see your sweet face to be sure. So if that’s what you’ve been waiting for, wait no longer! We’ve got your pregnancy nickname and your real name all figured out.

I, for one, have no problem still being pregnant with you. I love it! You’ve been super easy on me. We’re having a great time, huh? It’s everyone else that is getting so impatient! Everyone wants to meet you. Everyone keeps asking me if you’re here yet. I don’t think they can wait much longer. So for their sake, you might need to get here pretty soon.

Some people start getting worried if we go too far past your due date. I know you’re nice and cozy in there right now, but the world outside eventually will be better for you. And that time is getting near. Just to be sure that everything is all still good for you on the inside, we had an ultrasound and a stress test the other day to make sure you’re all good. And you passed with flying colors. 8/8 on the stress test, meaning you are not stressed at all (Casual Carl). And you are in good birthing position, even with an arm draped up on your head (Casual Carl). And your heartbeat shows you are happy as a clam (Casual Carl).

But it is time that we started doing some natural techniques to get you moving. Just to give you a gentle little nudge. So you might start noticing some changes going on, and you might start feeling the urge to come on out. It’s okay. Go towards the light. We’re here and waiting for you. You’ll like it out here too!

Thank you for being amazing already. I have really enjoyed your chocolate cravings. We can continue with those if you want; I have no problem with that! And your kicks and movements have been so much fun to feel. I am so excited to see you and hold you with my arms. I can’t wait to kiss your sweet face.

So, Casual Carl, come on out. Your due date was in June – that was last month. Then we thought you were waiting for a holiday and that you wanted to be born on the 4th of July – but that day came and went. Now today is 7/11 – free slurpee day. Does that sound like a good birthday or what? Not sure what day you’re waiting for, but your dad’s birthday is now getting close too. Come on out before that!

I got pregnant with you in September. That means this pregnancy has touched 11 out of the 12 months of the year, all of them but August. That seems long enough for a pregnancy, little dude! Time to come out.

See you soon, Casual Carl! The pregnancy itself has been long and drawn out, but once you’re ready to make your descent, let’s speed that along and make a new record for a super quick labor and delivery, deal? 🙂

I love you so much, sweet baby!
Love, Mom

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