A Peak Into Our Boy and Girl Nurseries

Baby boy is currently 8 days overdue, but at least his room is ready! πŸ™‚ Big sister Zara (19 months) is still using her crib and changing table, but she did pass the glider chair from her room over to baby brother’s. And she upgraded to a few new things for her room in return. Their rooms are right next door to each other’s, across from ours, and here is a sneak peak into both!


Let’s start with the boy’s room on the left. It is blue, green, and Seahawks-inspired! Straight ahead when you walk in is his changing table, complete with some fun green box shelves on the walls and all of his essentials in blue canvas bins on the changing table shelves. In the corner is the “guest ball” from his baby shower – my friends signed a football and wrote sweet notes on it for him. πŸ™‚


Next over is his window, the glider chair in the corner which we will use a lot for nursing, and his crib. I searched for a long time for the perfect crib bedding and curtains, and finally settled on this blue-and-green striped set from Amazon. I love it! His crib looks a little bare right now and the final item to get is a music mobile, but since he won’t be sleeping in his crib for a few months, that can wait!


The other wall is his closet, the awesome Seahawks growth chart, and a book shelf with his blankets hanging underneath. Also there are my beloved ring sling and Moby wrap just waiting to be worn with him snuggled inside! πŸ™‚


A sneak peak into his closet… This little guy is set for the next six months! And I had no idea how cute little boy clothes are too – the overalls, sweater vests, sporty shirts and shorts… all so cute!

IMG_20150707_124051_401Β IMG_20150707_124143_475 (1)

The final wall on the way back out the door shows the Seahawks logo, painted by my talented brother-in-law Nick Cochran, of Dirty Brush Designs. We also put the baby swing and activity mat over there, since they can easily be transported downstairs to whichever room we are all hanging out in. Zara has taken a new liking to these once again, so I’m sure she’ll love showing her baby brother how to use them.


And that completes baby boy’s room! Go Hawks!!

Next door is Zara’s pink-and-green earthy tones polka dots room (also painted by Nick). Much more girly! She loves it. The wall adjacent to her brother’s room is her pink bookshelf and changing table, with her toy box in the corner where the glider chair used to be.


On the other side of her window (adorned with pink translucent curtains that I love!), is her crib and dress-up area. The curtains allow plenty of sunlight to shine through and provide a pink glow into the room.


We moved the antique full-length swivel mirror into her room to complete her little dress-up area. She has a mini dancer’s barre, which currently holds her tutus and ballet slippers. She loves pulling all of her tutus off the barre, checking herself out in the mirror, etc. This is definitely a favorite girly little area of her room that she loves.


Her final wall is her closet and here is a sneak peak inside that as well. I love the canvas hanging shelves for organizing all of her pants, shorts, skirts, pajamas, etc. And all of her shirts, dresses, and combo outfits are hanging on the other side.

IMG_20150707_120526_246-1Β IMG_20150707_120557_432

And that completes our toddler girl’s room!

I had a lot of fun putting these two rooms together. And Zara loved helping me throughout the process! She was such a big helper! πŸ™‚

IMG_20150705_113600_904 IMG_20150705_113646_511 IMG_20150705_113653_811

Now we continue our wait for baby brother to arrive! ……..

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