Fourth of July Weekend!

What a wonderful 4th of July weekend! We had no idea what we would be doing, or if we would have our fifth little family member with us, or how the weekend would play out at all. Jeremy, Hayden, and I all had a feeling the littlest newest Parkinson baby would be born ON the 4th of July, so we knew we couldn’t make definitive plans with anyone. And we were all wrong. Here I am, writing this post on Monday, and little guy is still in my belly! I really did not think he would go this late, but he’s hanging out in there for a bit longer! So we went about our weekend and had a great time!Β 

In years past, we have a standing tradition for our 4th of July plans. We go boating with our friends on Lake Washington (we’ve done other lakes as well, but usually it’s Lake Washington) during the day, and then head over to Lake Union for the Seattle nighttime fireworks show over the Space Needle. And then my dad’s side of the family always holds an annual bbq and softball game on the weekend of the 4th, but it has not been on the actual day of the 4th until this year, so we already knew we could not attend that. But let’s start with Friday…

Friday night we held our first bbq on the back deck. We hosted our friends Dan and Nikki and their son Grant for our first one because Dan spent so much time this past month as our DeckMaster, building this beautiful deck! It was a race and a big question as to which would get done first, the deck or the baby, and the deck won. Look how beautiful it turned out!

IMG_20150703_120043_362 (1)IMG_20150703_120036_898

When it started to get dark that night, we all walked down to our neighborhood park and out on the dock with our telescope so that we could get a good look at Jupiter and Venus, which are shining bright in the night sky right now. It was cool to see, and these pictures don’t do it justice…

IMG_20150703_221204_133 IMG_20150703_221334_085

Zara stayed up past her bedtime, Hayden and Grant jumped in the lake for a summer night swim, and we adults enjoyed looking at the stars and planets. It was a wonderful summer evening. πŸ™‚

We woke up on Saturday morning (the 4th) and I was not yet in labor, so we decided to go about with our regularly scheduled plans. Before heading out on the boat, Zara and I took a couple of pictures with my 5 days overdue belly:


Everyone joked that I would go into labor while out on the boat, but I didn’t! It sure did feel amazing to swim and be in the water though. We spent a few hours out there and had a blast. Then we came home for Zara’s nap and got ready for our second BBQ on the deck. Yum! Then we got festive and headed down to our neighborhood park for the annual fireworks show there. This was our fifth 4th of July spent in this house, and we realized we had never been in the neighborhood for the night of the 4th before. Our neighbors go ALL OUT with fireworks over the lake. It was beautiful to watch, but loud like a warzone until midnight. It was Zara’s second night in a row staying up past her bedtime, but she loved the show and seemed to get used to the noise. I’m not sure why we didn’t get pictures of Jeremy and Hayden, but Zara and I got festive in our red, white, and blue!


The next morning, we had no plans, as that usually would have been our bbq and softball game with my family, but since they celebrated on the 4th this year and we still had no baby, our day was wide open. We hung out at home, I finished the baby’s nursery (pics coming in another post!), we bbq’ed again (loving that!!), and swam in our neighborhood lake. There were a few fireworks still being shot off randomly, and Zara took it upon herself to put on her fireman’s helmet like she was on call. πŸ™‚


All in all, it was a great 4th of July weekend. And this baby is keeping us on our toes. We thought for sure he would be a holiday baby like his sister (Zara was born on Thanksgiving day), but he is holding out for longer. Tomorrow will be 8 days past his due date, which is how late past her due date Zara was born. I really did not think he was going to wait this long, but I fully believe he will arrive when he’s ready – whenever that is! Until then, we’ll continue with our days, wondering and waiting for his big arrival. πŸ™‚ Stay tuned!

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