Zara’s Tips to Beat the Heat

The Pacific Northwest has been having quite the heat wave this summer already. It has been the hottest month of June in recent years, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to start cooling off any time soon. And we’ve been loving it! Hayden, Zara, and I have been in or near the water every day, every chance we get. Hayden is usually in the water for most of the picture opportunities, so here are Zara’s tips on how to beat the heat:

IMG_20150628_163805_267-1IMG_20150628_163844_493-1 (1)

1. First and most importantly – Stay hydrated!
Water, water, water. Drink it and lots of it! Don’t wait until you’re thirsty, just tip back a water bottle and start chugging… it’s okay if it spills a little bit on you.

2. Enjoy a cold refreshing beverage!
Sometimes you need something a bit more than just plain old water. I recommend an ice cold almond milk or a fruity juice drink pouch. Ahhh!

3. Jump in the lake!
It might be a little scary at first, but watching big brother Hayden jump off the diving board looks like so much fun. I start smaller by jumping off the dock and right into mommy’s arms.

4. Grab a floatie!
Floaties are fun if you can’t quite swim yet. This orange one has a seat for me to sit in, so I can just relax and kick my legs in the water. Mommy stands next to me so I don’t float away.

5. Splash Pads!
I was a little too small for these last year, but boy are they fun now! At first, I was tentative about the water shooting up from the ground, but it didn’t take long for me to grab a toy and enjoy the splashes! There are more that our friends have told us about that we’ll have to check out soon…

6. River play date with friends!
Besides our neighborhood park with the lake and dock, there is also a river nearby that we like to meet our friends at. There is a lot more dirt and sand there, which the boys like, but I like the water much better!

7. Kiddie pool in the front yard!
This kiddie pool is the perfect size for me, and it’s just right there waiting for me to jump in any time. It’s so quick and easy for a spur of the moment cool off break!
IMG_20150629_113246_689IMG_20150629_113256_987 (1)IMG_20150629_113301_544 (1)

8. … Even when you’re fully clothed!
This was really funny! Mommy was just heading out to the mailbox to get the mail, and I went with her, and then I decided to just jump into the kiddie pool with all my clothes on! No swim diaper either! I had a blast!

9. Frolic and catnap in the shade!
Our neighborhood has lots of trees, so it’s easy to find some shade to escape the hot sun when you need it. My buddy Phil here had the right idea, relaxing in a cool shaded area of our yard.

10. Be cool and fashionable!
Grab some shades and a sun hat to protect your eyes and head from the heat. Mom always slathers sunscreen on me too.

And my final tip for this weekend specifically…. Please Be Safe with fireworks! They are fun and pretty to look at, but everyone needs to be smart and safe… or just leave it to the professionals. Only you can prevent forest fires!

Happy 4th of July! Stay cool out there!
Love, Zara 🙂

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