Weekend in Review Right up to Baby Boy’s Due Date!

Today is baby boy’s due date! He’s not here yet, but that is just fine. πŸ™‚ In my What’s Up Wednesday blog post, I said our weekend plans included a wedding, a birthday party, continued deck building, hopefully some lake time, and definitely some 90-degree weather — and all of that happened! It is a little uncomfortable sleeping upstairs at night with no air conditioning in our house, but I’m still not complaining about this amazing summertime weather! There are always ways to cool off – lakes, pools, sprinklers, fans, ice cream, frozen yogurt, popsicles… we’re loving it!Β 

Saturday started off with a little mommy-daughter shopping in the morning, while Jeremy continued working on the deck, and Hayden had a friend over. That afternoon, we all donned our summertime wedding best and attended our beautiful niece’s outdoor wedding. She was a beautiful bride, with a sweetly emotional groom, and it was a lovely afternoon and evening for everyone in attendance.

IMG_20150627_165654_108-1 (1)10012725_10153106773539773_69378314470913243_o (1)

Sunday was more deck building for Jeremy, while Hayden finished setting up his room, and I took Zara to her friend’s birthday party. That afternoon, we walked to our neighborhood park, and of course, Hayden jumped in the lake! Zara enjoyed swinging, feeding the ducks, and watching her brother play in the water.


IMG_20150628_163805_267-1IMG_20150628_163844_493-1 (1)

Deck or Baby? The race is on! Now today (Monday) is officially baby boy’s due date, and the deck is *almost* done! There are just a few more details to finish up, so it’s looking like the deck will be finished first. I’ll save the final deck pictures for another post, but here is a sneak peak with my due date belly and my favorite part of the deck, the bench! I can’t wait to enjoy the rest of the summer out there on the deck, with Jeremy, Hayden, Zara, baby boy… and an ice cold beer! πŸ™‚


As for my and Zara’s Hike It Baby 30 Challenge (hiking/walking 30 miles in June, and our specific goal was to hit 30 miles before baby boy arrives!), we are at 26 miles, so we’ve got 4 more miles to log!

Here we go, with another happy hot summer week! And the big question… how late will baby boy be?…. πŸ™‚

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