What’s Up Wednesday!

Well well well… it’s that time again! And on this final Wednesday of June, we’ve got a LOT going on!! Mostly good, some not so great, and one very big unknown! As a reminder, here is the list of questions for the oh-so-fun What’s Up Wednesday posts:

Whats up Wednesday

And this month’s bonus question is What am I doing for the 4th of July? Well, that’s a very interesting question for me this year!! 😉  

As always, I’m linked up with Shay and Mel for this fun What’s Up Wednesday. Be sure to check out their awesome blogs!

What we’re eating this week… My dear husband has found a love for the panini maker that we got for our wedding (4+ years ago). He has perfected the tuna melt and the steak-and-cheese quesadillas that he makes on it. And they are both delicious. And I get a night off from cooking when he wants to make those! I just whip up some veggies for the side dish, and our whole family is happy. Win-win. But tonight, I am making these amazing Ham and Cheese Biscuits – they have been a new favorite in our family!

What I’m reminiscing about… Disneyland and Disney World. We were able to attend both of my nephews’ birthday parties this week, and that reminded me that we have missed both of their birthdays the past few years because we are usually on a Disney trip during this last half of June. I’m not sure why our summer Disney trips have always landed on their birthdays, probably because we have surprised Hayden with end-of-the-school-year-let’s-kick-off-summer trips to Disney the last few summers. We had to tell Hayden that there would be no such surprise this year, and I’m pretty sure it saddened us more than him. 🙂 But here we are, this week last year, with Hayden and a 6-month-old Zara at Disney World. Crazy to think that just one year later, we are expecting their baby brother any day now! These are three of my favorite pictures from last year’s Disney World trip because…

1548157_10152183112653857_1761661743499637400_o (1)
We got caught in a torrential DOWNPOUR and we just went with it and had a blast….and Zara slept through the whole thing in the covered stroller. We’ll talk about this memory for years to come!

Jeremy and Hayden jamming together on the hand drums in the African outpost area at Epcot. Jeremy is a very talented drummer and I love watching him share his musical knowledge with Hayden, who has a healthy thirst for it.

Zara’s nap on me on the lazy river at Typhoon Lagoon while the boys played in the wave pool. This was just absolute perfection. I was getting some much-loved sun, and she was getting some much-needed snooze. This lasted over an hour, and we made three full laps before she woke up. Pure heaven.

What I’m loving… That Hayden is here! We usually fly him up here the very first weekend he is out of school in June, but we held off for a couple weeks this year for two reasons. 1) He and his family with his mom are moving in mid-July to Idaho, so we wanted to give him a couple of weeks with his Oregon friends before his trip to see us. 2) We wanted to make sure he will be here when his newest little brother is born. While we don’t know exactly when baby brother will arrive, Hayden’s trip has a nice cushion surrounding the due date on both sides. It is a lot of fun to see Zara light up around Hayden. She just absolutely adores him! Mom and Dad are kind of chopped liver when Hayden is around.


What we’ve been up to… This one is our little bit of not-so-great news. We had/have so many fun activities planned for this week – it’s Hayden’s first week here this summer, it’s our final week before baby brother’s due date, the weather forecast is amazing all week…. but both Hayden and Zara have come down with fevers the last two days! Hayden just went through a bout with strep throat before his trip up here and he was just finishing his antibiotics, and then his fever spiked out of nowhere and he has had very low energy the last two days. And Zara, who never gets sick, spiked a high fever the last two days and has had no appetite – I think hers is a teething fever because she is also holding her gums and crying in pain, poor girl. Luckily, they both broke the fevers at bedtime last night, and Hayden is back to feeling 100% today, but Zara has had her worst teething day yet. Girl is in so much pain, poor baby.

What I’m dreading… More of this teething pain. It’s her molars coming in, and it is heartbreaking to watch her go through it. I have tried everything I can think of to ease her pain as naturally as possible, but if any readers out there have magic remedies that have worked for your babies, please share! It is now messing with her sleeping schedule, which has never happened before.

What I’m working on… Keeping this baby in! His due date is Monday (June 29), and I am perfectly fine with him waiting until July for his big debut. I’ve been working on getting his nursery all set up, and his crib has just arrived! That is the final piece to his room being all ready. And Jeremy has been working on getting the back deck done – the big question is still which one will be ready first, the deck or the baby… We shall see!

IMG_20150616_210244_815 (1)

What I’m excited about… Well, besides the obvious (meeting this newest family member), I’m excited for my husband to be home from work for a month! I’m looking forward to having our family of five all together and getting to know our still-unnamed little baby boy.

What I’m watching/reading… Still haven’t started a new book yet! I hope to do that soon. Jeremy and I are now well into season 3 of Orange is the New Black. We were late starters, just joining Netflix a couple of months ago, so we had just finished season 2 right before season 3 was just released. And the newest season of my guilty pleasure is also starting tonight – Big Brother! Jeremy doesn’t watch this one with me, so it is just me-time at night after everyone else is in bed. Looking forward to a fun Big Brother summer!



What I’m listening to… At this very moment, the FedEx delivery man just rang the doorbell, so Floyd started barking, so Zara started crying! The worst part is that he didn’t even need to ring the doorbell! He literally rang the bell, put the package down on the porch, and left! And now my peaceful house (a.k.a., blogging time!) has been disrupted. Any suggestions on where to get a “Do Not Knock or Ring the Doorbell” sign?! So frustrating!!

< had to step away from blogging for a couple hours!! >

What I’m wearing… Black yoga pants and a green tank top! And usually I would be in flip flops, but we just got back from a walk to the library and park, so I’m wearing my sneakers. Here is a quick pic – let me know how my feet look, since I can’t see them! Just kidding 😉


What I’m doing this weekend… It is supposed to be in the 90’s here in Seattle this weekend! Whoo-hoo!! We’ve got a wedding on Saturday and a 5-year-old’s birthday party on Sunday, and hopefully some lake time in there too! You will not see me complaining about this heat, even at 9 months pregnant! I LOVE me some summertime!

What I’m looking forward to next month… Oh I already answered this one, oops. My husband will be home from work for a month once baby boy arrives! I am so excited about it. He has been working HARD for a long time now, and he deserves a break. I’m definitely looking forward to family time with all of us together.

What else is new… Jeremy’s hard work has paid off! He officially got his promotion and it actually kicks in on Monday! I am so proud of how hard he has been working. He loves his job, which is so important, and I am so glad for him that he is enjoying what he is doing.

What I’m doing for the 4th of July… Well, that is the big question. Usually we have always had solid 4th of July plans. It is one of my most absolute favorite holidays!! And that is one of the reasons why I think it would be an awesome birthday for our baby boy. So we shall see! As of right now…

  • If I’m still pregnant – we’ll be out on the boat on Lake Washington with our friends!
  • If I’m in labor – we’ll be at the birth center!
  • If I’ve given birth already – we’ll probably have a bbq at home on our new backyard deck and have people come over to meet the baby!

No matter what, we’ll be celebrating!! Hope you all have a fun and safe 4th of July!!


3 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday!

  1. Rebekah says:

    Hi! visiting from the link up.
    I’m due in the middle of July but fingers crossed for a slightly early arrival! Being due sure does make it a little difficult to make plans for holidays!
    My daughter normally handled teething great. Between lavender oil and her amber teething necklace we never had much more than a few “grumpy” days of teething. Those molars though… those were some seriously awful days of teething. I don’t have any suggestions really other than this too will pass 🙂 I’ve heard that Roman Chamomile EO is great for teething but I don’t have any personal experience with it.
    I hope you have a great last few days of pregnancy and a great delivery!

    • startiffany says:

      Hi, thanks for visiting and thanks for your kind words. I agree, these molars are the worst! Our girl has been pretty good with all other teething pains with her amber necklace, essential oils, and chamomile (our naturopathic pediatrician also suggested that!), but these molars have been really tough this week! 😦
      Good luck to you with your final pregnancy weeks as well! I hope your delivery goes smoothly!

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