Soaking Up the Sun… And Daughter :)

A little over a week ago, I got some really great advice about this little bundle of joy who is due in two weeks now (but could arrive any day). The advice though is actually about my firstborn, my daughter Zara. I was told that while the newborn is going to need me full-time, with holding, nursing, rocking, burping, cuddling, loving, etc… that my 18-month-old is going to all of a sudden seem big and old enough to do things on her own and not need me as much anymore. But it is important for me to remember that she is still a baby, she is still dependent on me, and she is going to need me even more. While this is really great advice and a good reminder for me to hear, it made me sad. It made me realize that I am really going to miss this alone time I have right now with my daughter. I don’t want her to feel left out or neglected or forgotten at all. So since receiving that great advice, I have been making it a point to focus heavily on her and go on a lot of fun adventures together. Last week was a hot week weather-wise, so I was soaking up a lot of sun… and time with my daughter. 

Because of the focus on these fun mommy-daughter adventures, coupled with some computer update issues, I have not published a blog post in over a week! So I have recapped all of our adventures last week and through the weekend into one big post so that I can catch up. Here is a quick recap on all of the fun we’ve been having…

Motivational Monday!
We started last week with a Stroller Strides master class, taught by FIT4MOM’s national fitness director, who was in Seattle for instructor trainings. All WA state franchises were invited to attend this class, which was held in a beautiful park on the shores of Lake Washington (near where the Seahawks practice!) and we had 74 moms and 110 kids who were able to make it! It was an awesome, inspirational and positive experience and I can’t wait for the next master class!

11312794_10206593037644283_5156364940559349938_o11406341_10206593038204297_440033183287522270_o11336871_10153372500629025_2962320124461327854_o11393743_10206593031604132_4649061989273136785_o11430341_10153455032257722_6709677504703668196_nIMG_20150608_111504_164 (1)IMG_20150608_111507_020 (1)

After class, Zara and I stuck around with friends and played at the park and enjoyed lunch in the sunshine. We may or may not have shared a chocolate milkshake – and it definitely was amazing! 🙂 I finished the day with attending a Fit4Baby class that night, so having the two workouts in one day and a play date in the hot afternoon sun at 8.5 months pregnant wore me out and I was ready to SLEEP that night. What a wonderful and positive day it was all around.

Tubular Tuesday!
Zara and I kicked off Tuesday with a regular Stroller Strides class, this time on the Kirkland waterfront. We took a new route during class and explored a different area of Kirkland, so afterwards we hung out with friends again at a new park and had a blast! We had some errands to run on this day, but we made them fun. Zara found a new snack favorite at Costco, and then later in the afternoon we had to take our Dyson vacuum to the repair shop (hence the name “tubular” Tuesday – we had to get a couple of vacuum tubes replaced!). The errand itself was not fun, but Zara has her way of making mundane tasks hilarious. She brightened the day of the repair guy, another customer who was waiting in the lobby with us, and of course yours truly. I snapped these pics of her crazy curly hair while we waited for our vacuum…


Wacky Wednesday!
We woke up Wednesday morning and I knew it was going to be a crazy day completely off schedule – and I was excited to see how Zara would do with it. She is a great consistent sleeper – she sleeps 12 hours at night and then a 2-3 hour nap midday, every day. But that consistency has a lot to do with her crib. If she is super tired, she’ll fall asleep in the car sometimes, but otherwise, if we are out and about, she will not just fall asleep if there is stuff going on around her. On this particular Wednesday, we were not going to be home for nap time. We had places to be and people to see ALL DAY, meaning we would be gone from wake-up until bedtime! We left the house at 9am and returned at 9pm, and Zara did AMAZING. She rolled with the changes and rocked the variety of the day, including two separate naps in the car (one for a half hour and one for 45 minutes).

Our day started with our 37-week baby appointment – all is well, baby boy’s heartbeat is happy and healthy, and I’m measuring right on schedule. I am still anemic though, and our midwife encouraged more-more-more iron. Bring on more red meat and spinach! Next up was a visit to my sister’s classroom an hour away from our house – her fourth graders were having a fun last full day of school and they were excited to see a little toddler make an appearance. We also headed outside to the playground to see my niece and nephew at recess. They were excited to see their cousin Zara at their school. Next, we headed over to meet the rest of my family to see my other niece graduate from high school! We then celebrated with her extended family afterwards and Zara got to splash around in the pool with my other nieces and nephews. Today also happened to be my parents’ 38th wedding anniversary, so it was fun to see them on a special weekday too (they live 5+ hours away). Finally, we started our drive back north and stopped for a picnic in the park to watch Jeremy’s softball game double-header. He always loves seeing Zara at his games because he has to go to them straight from work and otherwise would get home after her bedtime. By the time we finally got home, Zara was ready for bed! She did amazing throughout the whole crazy day!


Thrilling Thursday!
The next morning, we had a fun Disney-themed Stroller Strides class. This of course is right up our alley! Zara and I decked out in mommy-and-me Minnie Mouse shirts and mouse ears and had a BLAST.


We also decided to start filling up Zara’s new inflatable pool – it took awhile because I had to keep charging our air pump. So as it was in the living room at various stages of inflation, Zara was perfectly fine waiting in the pool 🙂 She kept climbing in with different toys and books and just sitting in the middle of it, patiently waiting for it to be filled with air and then water outside. Now she’s ready for some pool parties!


Fitness Friday!
Oh my goodness, after Stroller Strides on Friday, Zara was part of her first FIT4MOM Kids Dash. It was so much fun!! The dash itself was probably about 75 yards or so, and the kids all got race bibs and finisher medals. They all lined up at the start line, and of course the “big” kids (the 3-4 year olds) all took off running, and the toddlers more or less had no idea what was going on and just kind of started following them. Us moms were there to cheer them on, help them up, guide them towards the finish line, etc. It was hilarious. My little Zara crossed the finish line in last place, but she didn’t care! She had the best time, and it was so much fun to watch all the kids run their first little race. One of the best things about FIT4MOM is that moms are able to set a good fitness example for their kids, and I love that we have play dates and craft dates and fun fitness events like this that we incorporate our kids into. It truly is what our tagline says: “fitness for mom; fun for baby”!

IMG_20150612_104011_957IMG_20150612_104129_839IMG_20150612_104528_998-1IMG_20150612_104703_059IMG_20150612_104720_334 (1)11430285_10153347417716093_2206845032077364618_n (1)

Sunny Saturday!
On Saturday, our friends were throwing a “kick off the summer” adults-only boat party, so we had scheduled some time in the afternoon for Grandma and Uncle Robert to watch Zara while we had some fun in the sun. Jeremy has been spending the last few weekends working on our back deck, and he decided to keep doing that instead of going out on the boat. We decided to keep our babysitter plans though and I would still go out – kind of my last little hurrah kid-free before this baby arrives. It turned out to be a great day for all of us!

Zara thoroughly enjoyed her afternoon. She took a walk to our neighborhood park with Grandma and Uncle Robert, played on the swings, and walked out on the dock. Her babysitters thoroughly enjoyed their time with her too.


While they were having fun family time, I definitely enjoyed my time out on the boat. It was a beautiful relaxing day and I actually had the guts to bare my 38-week pregnant bare belly in a bikini! I figured this was my first and last chance to do so (Zara was born in the fall/winter), so why not go for it?!


After a few hours away from Zara though, I was really ready to get back home to her. I’m glad she got family time with others, and I’m glad I got alone adult time, but I really missed my girl! I left my friends early (missing out on the awesome sunset they got to experience on the water!) and went home in time to put Zara to bed. 🙂

Sunday Funday!
On Sunday morning, Jeremy continued working on the deck (bless his heart!), and I took Zara out to breakfast to meet our friends who were visiting from Coeur d’Alene, ID. I went to WSU (Go Cougs!) with these girls, and now 12+ years later, we have baby girls close in age. It will be fun watching our girls grow up together and hopefully we’ll all be able to attend Mom’s Weekends together at WSU when our daughters are in college! 🙂


Jeremy worked ALL DAY Sunday on the most tedious step of the deck-building process: sanding. He had to miss going out to eat again with Zara and me, as we went to meet some family members and friends for dinner. Our niece is getting married in two weeks, and she and her fiance chose our good friend to be their officiant. So we all got together to discuss last-minute wedding ceremony details. Afterwards, I had them all stop by our house to see the deck progress in person:

IMG_20150616_210244_815 (1)

It’s getting closer! It was fun to have some family members and friends see the progress this weekend – it will be even more fun to have them over for an actual BBQ and relaxation time out there! Jeremy and “our deck-master” Dan have been working long and hot days. The final steps now are to finish the railing, bench, stair, and finally staining! And then it’s BBQ time!

More Fun Monday!
And that brings us to yesterday, with the fun adventures continuing this week! Our Stroller Strides class was a check-in on our New Year’s Resolution class from January. We did a series of exercises where we kept track of how many reps we could do in a certain amount of time to see how we’re progressing throughout the year. Let’s just say with my extra 30 pounds I’ve put on with this pregnancy, I wasn’t breaking my previous stats, but hey, I was there and I did what I could! My goal will be to beat those reps at the end of the year. 🙂

On Monday afternoon, Zara and I met up with some friends at a local park with a beach-y area on the Snoqualmie River. It was hot, it was sandy, and it was fun! Zara definitely prefers the water over the sand. She would splash around and laugh in the water (as long as she had her water shoes on!), but then when she would play with the boys up in the sand and get dirty, she would cry until I brought her down to wash off the dirt in the water again. We repeated this process more than a few times! How cute are these little toddlers together though?!


Whew! What a recap! Today we had our 38-week baby appointment – they are coming faster than I can even keep up on my blog apparently! I had my blood drawn to check my iron levels again, so hopefully there has been improvement there or I might have to get a couple of direct iron injections next week. In the meantime, I need to make sure our birth center bags are packed and ready to go because this baby could come anytime! EEK! Stay in there boy, we still need to figure out your name!

Until then, Zara and I are just going to continue our fun in the sun adventures!! 🙂

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