80s Weekend!

Our Goonies ’80s weekend turned into a different kind of 80s weekend. Instead of going to Astoria, OR for the 30th anniversary weekend celebration of the Goonies and dressing up ’80s-style, we decided to stay home, enjoy the mid-to-upper-80s-degree weather here, and get started on our summertime house projects – namely the back deck!! And boy was progress made! 

I am super impressed with Jeremy and our buddy Dan, our go-to guy for deck building! They both spent two LONG and HOT days in our backyard, working away to get the framing started and finished. They are ahead of schedule with where they thought they would be by the end of the first weekend of work, and now the project is on a short hold for the week until they can continue next weekend! Here’s the progress so far…

Friday night: Prep work!

Saturday night: Initial framework completed!

Sunday night: Railing framework completed!

Next weekend will be the floor boards, the rest of the railing, a bench on one side, and the stairs on the other side. The final touches of staining, weather-proofing and painting might lead into the following weekend as well. I am so excited this is getting done! Now I need to get moving on one of my nextpiration projects: refinishing a table and chairs set so we can enjoy lots of bbq meals out on this deck this summer! Update on that coming soon.

With Dad busy working on the back deck, that meant I got a lot of quality mommy-and-daughter time, which I am soaking up right now! It has hit me all of a sudden that my unlimited alone time with Zara is quickly coming to an end, so I am doing as much as I can with her before baby brother arrives.

On Saturday, we did a little garage sale surfing in the morning (we didn’t find a water table yet – I think I’m going to just buy her a new one! – but we did score a few other good finds!), and then we went to a surprise graduation party for a fellow FIT4MOM friend at a local park. This mom just completed her college degree while raising two young kids at home – talk about busy and dedicated! We had a good time celebrating her accomplishment with some of our mom and toddler friends!

While Zara napped that afternoon, I got some more progress done on baby brother’s room. I’ll save a full update post for when his nursery is all the way done.

On Sunday, Zara and I got up early and headed over to Seattle for our annual Race for the Cure 5k. For the last three years, we have been on Team Michellebration – a team created in support of our good friend Michelle Nelson, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012. She passed away in fall of 2013, and we have kept the team going every year in her honor.

June 2013: Me (four months pregnant with Zara) with Carrie and our inspiration Michelle Nelson in front

June 2014: Me and Jeremy, with 6-month-old Zara in the stroller

June 2015: Me (8.5 months pregnant) and Carrie, with our daughters: 18-month-old Zara and 13-year-old Meghan

This was the first year that Zara was old enough to walk across the finish line on her own. 🙂 She was in the stroller for most of the 5k, and then I took her out right at the end so she could walk across the finish line. She was in awe of all the people cheering us on – the Seahawks mascot Blitz and the Blue Thunder drumline, a few squads of local high school cheerleaders, lots of people dressed in full animal/character costumes, and plenty of people dressed in pink for the cause. It was LOUD and FUN!

We hung out for awhile at the Seattle Center and enjoyed the sunshine and big water fountain. Zara got some extra energy out in the grassy area, twirling and dancing to the live music that was playing. It was a beautiful day spent with good friends.

IMG_20150607_100850_416IMG_20150607_101041_138IMG_20150607_101050_893IMG_20150607_102253_794 (1)IMG_20150607_102426_065

Now that I am officially three weeks away from baby boy’s due date, but he could really come at ANY TIME now (what?!?!?!?!), I feel like I am on a race with time. I want to fit so much in before he arrives – more quality time with Zara, finishing his room, finishing the back deck, etc etc etc. So much to do! He can just stay put for awhile… we still have to figure out his name too!

And as for an update on my and Zara’s 30-day hiking/walking 30 miles challenge: we are 7 days in and we’ve done 7 miles together! Right on track so far…

We’ve got another busy and fun week planned – lots of themed Stroller Strides classes, fun play dates in the sunshine, my niece’s high school graduation, and more progress to make on our house projects. Here we go!

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