Hike It Baby 30 June Challenge

Happy National Running Day! Unfortunately, I won’t be running today 😦 I didn’t know when/if it would happen, but now that I am in my final month of pregnancy, I have to start cooling down on the running. So it was perfect timing to hear from my Hike It Baby Seattle group about their June Challenge – logging at least 30 miles of walking/hiking with your baby/toddler in the month of June. I love me a good challenge, and with my due date at the end of June and my desire to spend as much quality time with Zara outdoors before then, this sounds like the perfect challenge for me!


Let’s start with why I have to cool it down on the running. Besides the fact that I have to stop to pee every mile now, it’s mainly the combination of the growing weight of my belly and the slight twisting motion of pushing the stroller while jogging. After the color run 5k I ran a couple of weeks ago, I felt a soreness in my belly button that I hadn’t felt before. We looked up what it could be, and I did not like the possibilities that it could be a herniated belly button or a separation of the abdominal muscles, both which could result in a permanent soreness that could last the rest of the pregnancy. I spoke with my midwife a few days later and we determined that I had strained the muscles while running and pushing the stroller. Luckily the soreness went away after two days, but I need to be careful not to further strain those ab muscles or it will be a lot harder for them to recover after the pregnancy.

So while I am still on the team challenge of logging a combined 2015 running miles during the year 2015, it looks like I will have to start my maternity leave a little early. I let my team know that my running miles will be pretty light the next two months, but I’m confident they’ll be able to pick up my slack. We are already over our halfway point for the year. I’ll get back to my running miles later this summer!

I joined my local Hike It Baby group a few months ago and have gone on a few local hikes in the area. The idea behind this awesome group is to get outside and active with your little one(s) by hiking/exploring nature together. The fresh air, exercise, and visiting with others is so important for new mamas (and dads!). There are Hike It Baby groups all over the country – I encourage you to find your local group and get hiking!


A few times a year, Hike It Baby does a 30-day challenge, so I was so excited to hear about the June Challenge! Logging at least 30 miles of walking/hiking with Zara is the perfect goal for me in my final 30-ish days of pregnancy before little man gets here. It’ll be a challenge for sure, and one that I am up for! Here are a few pics of Zara and me (and others!) enjoying some hikes this past year:

IMG_20140823_113141_936-1 (1)IMG_20140823_141713_036 (1)
With Dad, Mt Pilchuck

Little Si

With friends, Big Four Ice Caves

Snoqualmie Falls

The challenge is on! Will Zara and I hit our goal of hiking 30 miles this month before baby brother arrives? Stay tuned!

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