Fun in the Sun Friday!

It’s truly amazing what the sunshine does for your mind, body and soul! At least mine anyway ๐Ÿ™‚ I am just loving this weather we’re having! Happy summer!!

Zara and I started this Friday with a fun Stroller Strides class, complete with a water play date afterwards. She was a little young last summer to really enjoy the water activities, but she is all over it this summer!! Redmond Town Center, where we have our Stroller Strides classes, has a “splash area” for the kids, so a group of us went over there after class to let the kids enjoy this summertime weather!


Right after class, I changed Zara into her swimsuit to let her play in the water. She is a big fan of standing water (bathtub, water tables, Floyd’s water bowl, etc), but she hasn’t really been around fountains or water that shoots out at you yet, so I wasn’t sure how she would like it. Just as I suspected, she was a little tentative at first, but she loved watching the other kids play in the water. She eased her way in.


And of course, once she started showing signs of being ready to leave and I changed her into dry clothes, then she dove right in with the buckets! You can’t tell too well in these pics, but this girl is SOAKED!!


She will be waking up from her nap here in a few minutes, so she and I are setting out on a mission to find her a water table and some water toys! She needs some for this summer for sure. Especially since I will have my hands full with a newborn – this girl will need something fun to do outside!

We also just decided that our FIT4MOM Vendor of the Month for June is Menchies, and we will be having Fro-Yo Fridays every Friday in June! It’s not quite June yet, but I think Zara and I will start that today ๐Ÿ™‚ So wish us luck… we are setting out to find a water table and then we’ll enjoy some fro-yo! Fun Friday indeed ๐Ÿ™‚

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