What’s up Wednesday

The last Wednesday of May already! Here we go with this month’s What’s Up Wednesday post… I’m linked up to Shay‘s blog on this beautiful day, and I’ll be answering these questions:

Whats up Wednesday

What we’re eating this week…
Well I’ve been loading up more on spinach and red meat because I am a bit anemic again with this pregnancy, so I need more iron. So Zara and I have been loving scrambled eggs with cheese and spinach in the mornings! And I am happy to have a cheeseburger whenever I can… I LOVE my husband’s cheeseburgers on the grill, so now that it is officially bbq season, I bet we’ll be having a lot more of those!

What I’m reminiscing about…
Zara’s newborn days/weeks/months. I love watching her grow and discover new things every day, but it’s true what they say – it goes by so fast! I am so excited to have a newborn again and I’m really excited to nurse again! Zara weaned herself at 13 months, 3 months into this pregnancy, so it will be interesting to see when this boy weans himself since I won’t be getting pregnant again. My goal (as it was with Zara) is to nurse for at least a year, and then let him wean himself when he’s ready. Here is Zara enjoying some lunch at the top of Mt Pilchuck last summer!


What I’m loving…
The sunshine and mocha shakes! It is pretty much a chocolate milkshake with a coffee kick, but I get mine with decaf right now because I love the taste but don’t want the caffeine. Mocha shakes are the perfect treat on a hot day, playing in the sunshine!

What we’ve been up to…
House projects! We’ve made a lot of progress on our 10-step “get the baby’s nursery ready” project, and I keep teasing my upcoming blog post with those updates. I promise it’s coming very soon!

What I’m dreading…
I always have a hard time with this one! I’ll say I’m dreading Zara’s next teething burst. She only has 7 teeth right now, so they are taking their time coming in. It is always so heartbreaking to watch her go through that pain. But we just got a refill on her dropper of chamomile – that helped a lot with her last teething burst!

What I’m working on…
Here is a little sneak peak with the house project. Part of the nursery process was losing our office. So my craft table and all of my supplies are now set up in the garage, but I needed my FIT4MOM work stuff still inside and accessible since I work every day. So I have now combined my family organization wall with my FIT4MOM workspace. This new and improved organization wall contains clipboards of the kids’ school schedules, our family calendar, upcoming events and appointments, our weekly calendar, as well as my FIT4MOM monthly calendar, postcards, brochures, marketing supplies and my inspiration board. ๐Ÿ™‚ This is right at the entrance to our family play room, so it’s the perfect location to get some work done while Zara is playing – but let’s be honest, I still get more done while she’s napping!


What I’m excited about…
The Goonies 30th anniversary weekend in Astoria, OR! We went to the 25th anniversary and I can’t believe that was already 5 years ago! We go all out with an 80s night out on the town, and then we tour the town the next day and visit all of the major film destinations – Mikey and Brand’s house, the jailhouse, etc. We met all of the actors and the director last time, so we’ll see who we run into this time around! Here we are at the 25th anniversary…


What I’m watching/reading…
Ever since we jumped on the Netflix bandwagon a month or two ago, we have enjoyed binge watching a few shows. First we blasted through all three seasons of House of Cards – can’t wait for the 4th season to come out! Since we got caught up on that one, we’ve now been going through all of the episodes of Orange is the New Black. It’s our fun night-time tradition on the few nights we have together after Zara goes to bed. As for reading…. I haven’t picked up a book in awhile, but I am having fun exploring and finding new blogs to follow!

What I’m listening to…
My bands of choice lately have been Imagine Dragons and OneRepublic.

ย What I’m wearing…
I pretty much can always be found wearing one of three things lately… workout clothes, leggings and a maternity top, or a skirt/dress ensemble. Today I’m in capri leggings, a striped maternity top and flip flops! Zara had an outside play date this morning and then we’re going to Jeremy’s softball game tonight, so this is the perfect comfy outfit for today’s activities! Bonus accessory: a cute toddler on my hip!


What I’m doing this weekend…
We’ve got one fun family activity planned on Saturday – Touch-a-Truck! I think Zara will have a blast! And then it’s back to our house projects for us ๐Ÿ™‚

What I’m looking forward to next month…
It’s still a mystery if it will be end of June or beginning of July, but I am so excited to give birth to this little boy! I don’t need it to hurry up and get here though, I am perfectly okay with going late past my due date. But once it’s time for his arrival, I am looking forward to meeting him!

ย What else is new…
Our hilarious Zara. She has recently discovered our nightstands. Mine is full of books that are on my To-Read list – I wonder when I’ll get to those! Sometimes she will pull out all of those books and just sit and go through them. Jeremy’s nightstand, however, is empty. So she will sometimes leave a little surprise for him to randomly find in there. This week it was her pink sparkly boot, just one, just sitting in the middle when he opened the door. She sure knows how to bring a smile to Daddy’s face!

IMG_20150521_231257_921-1 (1)

Now I’m off to read a few other What’s Up Wednesday blog posts before Zara wakes up from her nap! Make it a great rest of the week ๐Ÿ™‚

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