Baby Names

We are having such a hard time coming up with this baby’s name! With Zara, it was easy. For most of the pregnancy, I wanted her name to be Indiana and we would call her Indie. But then right around 7 months pregnant, when we were camping at our favorite camp spot at Lake Chelan, we said Zara Winter, and we both instantly knew that was her name. It is from her Great-Grandma Parkinson’s side of the family, and it suits her perfectly. Naming this boy, however, is proving to be a lot more difficult. We are well into the 8th month of pregnancy and we are not even close to narrowing down the options.

Here are a few of the names we’ve discussed…

Gavin Russell – I like the sound of Gavin, and Russell is Jeremy’s (and his dad’s) middle name. When I looked up the meaning of Gavin, it is “little hawk”, which might be just perfect with how much we love our Seahawks. I like that everyone has heard of the name Gavin, but it doesn’t seem to be too overly popular either.

Henry – I don’t think we really narrowed down a specific middle name for Henry, but we both like it. The name was born as a pretend campfire story nickname for Hayden when we were all camping (actually the same place we came up with Zara’s name), so I like both of those connections. It is also Indiana Jones’s real first name, so that is fun. Plus, Hank is a cute little nickname for Henry.

Zack – No middle name has been discussed yet for Zack either, and this is one that actually Hayden suggested. I didn’t want Hayden to feel left out if we chose another Z name, but he is the one that came up with it, so maybe he wouldn’t. Jeremy and I both really liked Jack when we first talked about baby names over 10 years ago, but since that time, Jack (and Jackson/Jax/Jaxon/etc) has really become popular, so we want to steer clear of that. But maybe Zack works instead.

Oliver – Another one that Hayden suggested, and Jeremy and I both like it! Although I was recently told that it is in the top ten of popular boy names right now, so I might need to look into that. We don’t want him to share his name with too many of his peers his whole life.

Russell Clark – Jeremy recently suggested going with Russell as his first name. Both he and his dad have the initials JRP, with the R being Russell, so that would keep that tradition somewhat going. And Clark has ties to some great characters – Clark Kent (smart and strong), Clark Griswold (funny), and it is also a family name on my mom’s side. I don’t think we would call him Russ because that is what Jeremy’s dad goes by, but maybe Rusty – and that is another Griswold nod.

Franklin – Jeremy and I have both tossed around the idea of Franklin. For some reason, Frank has always been the name Jeremy uses at random times – when putting our name down on a restaurant wait list, in random stories he tells, etc. His answer for “who did <fill in the blank>” is always Frank. His answer for “how many <fill in the blank>” is always 74 as well, so if this baby is born on 7/4 or is 7 lbs 4 oz, then we just might have to take that as a sign! Plus, I think Frankie is an adorable little nickname for a baby/little boy!

So that’s where we’re at right now… Maybe it’s one of those, maybe it’s something we haven’t even thought of yet, maybe we have to meet him and see him first before knowing for sure. I don’t know! Suggestions/advice are welcomed and appreciated! 🙂

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