Slowing Down to the Speed of Zara

Last week I did five Stroller Strides/Barre classes, one Fit4Baby class and ran a 5k on the weekend. So I decided this week to slow it down just a bit, give my body a little break, and focus on more fun adventures with Zara. We had some pre-scheduled home and doctor appointments anyway, so our Stroller Strides schedule was going to be a little tough to maintain. But let’s be honest, play dates with a toddler is not exactly slacking on exercise!ย 

Monday –ย We started off the week with a home appointment in the morning for the office (now Hayden’s bedroom!) to get carpeted. The two carpet guys came in, did their thing, and the room looks amazing now with carpet!! We are finishing that room this weekend, so there will be a complete update in a new post coming soon. That afternoon, Jeremy’s mom and aunt came over and we walked to the park with Zara. It was a lovely afternoon and all of us Parkinson girls had a blast!


Tuesday –ย We did make it to the waterfront Stroller Strides class in the morning and then Zara ran around with the bigger kids after class. We also toured a new Quadrant model home in the area that my brother-in-law is painting – I love seeing these new home designs and layouts and dreaming about what we might be able to afford to buy one day. ๐Ÿ˜‰ In the afternoon, we had our 34-week baby appointment – his heartbeat sounds amazing and he is still right on schedule growth-wise. Since Jeremy left work a little early to meet us at the appointment, we took a family walk around the neighborhood when we got home. I didn’t take too many pictures of our adventures today, but I did get this cute one. I love her little feet!


Wednesday –ย Well to make up for the lack of pictures the day before, I got plenty on our play date to Remlinger Farms! We met a group of mom-and-toddler friends to explore the farm on Toddler Days – it’s a smaller version of what they have opened throughout the summer once the bigger kids are out of school. And it was so much fun!!

We started with the kiddie rides. Zara was a little unsure at first, so I sat with her on the Tiny Tot Train, but she was all on her own for the Crazy Corn! Look how little she looks!


Then we moved over to the play area where she climbed on the wagon and wanted to sit on every. single. zebra. ๐Ÿ™‚


Next up was the animals – Zara’s favorite! She loved seeing all of the different farm animals, and petting the bunny, and feeding the goats.



Then we headed over to the hay jump – this was an extra-large trampoline covered with hay! And it was pretty amazing. Perfect for little toddlers!

IMG_20150520_113738_121-1IMG_20150520_113807_18311312800_10101418921112706_4692614177681283549_o (2)

11059388_10205666706520437_3811469086442420393_o (3)IMG_20150520_113838_300-1

Next to the hay jump was the hay maze. I love mazes, so this was my favorite! I let Zara lead the way and she just kept walking through all of the corridors and turning the corners and looking both ways and just walked-walked-walked until she found her way out. It was so much fun! There were a few tube tunnels to crawl through, but Zara was not a fan of those, so she found her way without having to go through any of those. It might have taken us longer without those shortcuts, but she did it! ๐Ÿ™‚

11069857_10152881151138857_3424842145025822072_o (1)11212586_10152881151918857_8270467469345869631_o11270302_10152881155708857_9140957908223022361_o11288994_10152881157208857_8669948247186130815_o (1)906068_10152881157443857_7865483365124597395_o (1)

On our way out of the farm, we quickly took a look around their store, but we’ll have to go back to look at it all. They sell everything from fresh produce to baked goods to antiques to homemade crafts and clothes. I may or may not have bought Zara’s newest pair of homemade Seahawks leggings with attached skirt. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I wanted to get Zara home for her nap before she fell asleep in the car, so we didn’t browse the store for too long. But all in all, we had a blast at Remlinger Farms and we will definitely be back soon!


Thursday –ย We decided to skip Stroller Strides for a hike instead. We met up with two other mom-and-toddler friends to try out a new trail in nearby Duvall – the Snoqualmie Valley Trail. We hiked almost two miles round-trip before the kids started getting really antsy in our backpacks, so we let them run around the park for awhile, which had a nice beach and water area. I’m told this park has free outdoor concerts and movies during the summer, so we’ll have to go back and check them out!

10924827_10152883207948857_20983031439408345_oย 11334079_10152883207643857_2110504530377254712_o (1)10845821_10152883207408857_2600984781267116738_o (1)11165073_10152883207898857_2184604498165341363_o (1)11334202_10152883207768857_2985518685474451283_o (1)

After the park, we transferred the kids to the strollers and headed up a little hill to Duvall’s Main Street. We popped into a kids’ consignment store for a little bit of shopping, and we enjoyed a quick ice cream treat before heading home. It was another lovely day!

Friday –ย I had a three-hour photo/video shoot scheduled for the physical therapy training that I was hired for as their pregnant athlete model. (It still just doesn’t get old saying I’m a paid fitness model, haha! Hey, I’m living it up while the offers are here – I’ve got five more weeks being pregnant!) So Jeremy got a jumpstart on the three-day weekend and worked from home on Friday so that he could spend some time with Zara while I was gone in the morning. After I got home and she woke up from her nap, we all had a fun family afternoon of cuddling on the couch, playing some music, and walking to the park. We coined the phrase the “speed of Zara” on one of our many neighborhood walks. Sometimes it’s fun to just slow down to her pace and let her explore every rock and flower and dog and bird and neighbor and car and piece of litter…. she stops to look at everything!

IMG_20150522_145353_514 (3)IMG_20150522_171707_397IMG_20150522_154128_157-1

Dinner was a little messy, so we took her shirt off. And since she was wearing a Hawaiian-inspired skirt, we tried to teach her a little hula dancing in the front yard as we said good-bye to Dad, who was leaving for band practice. Watching her learn new skills and tricks is so much fun!

IMG_20150522_184744_695 IMG_20150522_184755_205

Ah, what a week with my girl! I am really excited for our little guy to join our family this summer (in five weeks!!), but until then, I am really enjoying these last days and weeks before Zara is a big sister. She won’t remember this time, but I certainly will! Time seems to be flying by, so it’s nice to slow it down and enjoy it at the speed of Zara. ๐Ÿ™‚



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