Stroller Strides on the waterfront

This week, our Redmond/Kirkland FIT4MOM group started offering classes back on the Kirkland waterfront! On Tuesdays and Thursdays from now and throughout the summer, we will have morning Stroller Strides classes at Marina Park in Kirkland. There will still be Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre classes in Redmond, as well as Fit4Baby and Body Back in the studio. And even though I’ve had to take a step back from Running Club (cue the tear rolling down my cheek), they are meeting at a new spot on the trail in Woodinville as well. What all of these location options mean is variety and changes of scenery, which I LOVE!! We are on day four this week, and I’ve already done five workouts! Two Stroller Strides on the waterfront, a Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre at Redmond Town Center and the trail, and a Fit4Baby class in the studio. What an awesome week, and I’ve still got another class tomorrow and then a Color Run 5K on Saturday! But let’s get to those fun Kirkland waterfront pictures… 

We meet under the big gazebo right by the water for warmups. In case of rain, which we haven’t had to worry about yet, we can stay under the gazebo. But otherwise, we’re moving along the waterfront and getting to enjoy the awesome views of the boats in the marina and the Seattle buildings across the water.


There are hilly grassy areas that we can do sprints, frog jumps, squats and lunges up and down – whew, we’ll feel those the next day! And there are flat grassy areas to roll out our yoga mats for core work and stretching.


There are also hills right nearby to push our strollers up! I’m one who likes hill work, so this is a plus for me. I’m excited to add even more weight soon with my double stroller. 🙂 Just up the hill from the marina park is another park, which provides more areas for stairs, benches and ledges for us to use as well.


Not only does the waterfront location provide variety for our workouts, it also provides more things for the kids to look at, like ducks, dogs, flowers, etc. After class, Zara has loved getting out of the stroller and running around  with the other kids to play in the grass, sand, and eventually this summer – the water! So fun! And after class and playtime this morning, Zara and I enjoyed a mommy-daughter date at the nearby Original Pancake House. That’s another plus – lots of restaurants, stores, shops, and things to do in Kirkland! This morning, we were all about the pancakes 🙂


Happy Thursday! Five workouts in four days so far – I’m feeling great and loving the variety! Make it a great day!

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