Mother’s Day Weekend in Review

What a wonderful weekend! We enjoyed amazing mid-70s-degree weather here in the Pacific Northwest! It was absolutely beautiful, and our family had a very nice, relaxing (and productive!) time.

Let’s start with Friday afternoon… Jeremy came home from work early so that I could go to a nearby photo/video shoot. I was asked to be a fitness model for a physical therapy training program – they needed a “pregnant athlete” to demonstrate some exercises for their medical training videos. Let’s just say I was honored to be asked!  It was also great to hear from the physical therapist that I am in great shape and that I am carrying my pregnancy very well – she was very complimentary about my posture; so much so that I had to demonstrate the “wrong way” to stand and THAT felt very unnatural and uncomfortable for me! The shoot was fun, and it went so well that they booked me for another separate gig in two weeks!

On Saturday morning, we woke up and enjoyed a family breakfast and then walked Zara to the park for some good play time. This girl sure loves the swings!


After we got all of her morning energy out, she settled in her crib for a nap and we got to work on our big house project! As a reminder, our 10-step process to getting the new baby’s nursery all set up is:

1. Move the cat corner out of the office and into their own brand new cat cubby.
2. Clean and organize the garage to make room for some of the office stuff.
3. Move the office stuff to the garage and clear everything out of the office and costume closet.
4. Get the office and closet carpeted.
5. Move the costumes back in and organize the costume closet.
6. Move Hayden’s bedroom stuff to the office (bye bye office – now it is Hayden’s room!).
7. Go through and organize all of baby boy stuff that has been given to us.
8. Get Hayden’s old room (baby’s new room) painted.
9. Set up bassinet in our master bedroom for the first couple months of baby’s slumber.
10. Set up and organize baby’s new nursery!

Step 1 is crossed off because Jeremy completed that one last weekend. I am happy to report that we got half of steps 2 and 3 completed during Zara’s nap this weekend! And step 4 has been started, in that we have our carpeting scheduled for next Monday May 18. So steps 2 and 3 will be completed at least by then since that room has to be cleared out for that appointment. It feels great to be getting items marked off this list finally!

We spent Saturday afternoon at a friend’s house. They recently moved in to this house on 3 acres of beautiful property, so we brought Floyd to run around with their dogs and explore the land while we enjoyed a nature walk with Zara and relaxed and visited. On our way home, we stopped to pick up some fresh seafood, and Jeremy made dinner for us – steamed clams, mussels, and crab legs. It was AMAZING.


On Sunday morning, we woke up and Zara and I had to make a quick trip to the airport to pick up my brother and his wife. So when we got home, Jeremy was making us a wonderful Mother’s Day breakfast of pancakes and bacon. He also had a very sweet card, beautiful bouquet of flowers, a gift certificate for a prenatal massage, and a giant pack of Hershey’s bars waiting for me. It was lovely.


While Zara napped, we had plans to work more in the garage…. but we decided we needed naps too. 🙂 So it was a very nice relaxing afternoon! When we woke up, we went out to Mukilteo to meet Jeremy’s parents and brother for dinner at a brewery on the waterfront. It was a lovely setting. And the food was delicious! I may or may not have polished off 3/4 of a peanut butter bacon burger. It was huge, tasty and amazing. And yet another perk of being pregnant! Jeremy’s parents gave me this beautiful hanging plant of fuchsias that I am determined to keep alive and thriving! It makes me even more excited to get our back deck built!


To show our appreciation for our moms, we made each of them their own personalized “Grandma’s Favorite Garden” artwork with all the names of their grandchildren:


All in all, it was a lovely Mother’s Day weekend. As much as I love cooking and baking, it was nice to have a weekend off from doing that – and especially off from all the clean up that comes with that! It’s amazing having a clean kitchen that I didn’t have to clean! We also Skype’d with Hayden, which Zara loves – she is still figuring out the concept of Hayden moving, talking and responding on the computer screen, so our family Skype calls are always fun for all of us. We got to show him the progress we are making on his new room too. We finished off the weekend with getting a picture of my 33-week baby bump, along with this cute little photo-bomber making her way into the photo!


Here’s to another great week!

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