What’s Up Wednesday

During my “other blogs exploration” last week, I came across a fun blog written by Mix and Match Mama – and she links up with other mamas for What’s Up Wednesdays. They actually do this on the final Wednesday of every month, but I’m starting on the first Wednesday of May, what a rebel! 🙂 I’ll be answering these questions…

Whats up Wednesday

What we’re eating this week… Well yesterday was Cinco de Mayo and Jeremy’s parents came over for dinner and we made chicken fajitas, with plenty of leftovers! So I think we’ll stick to a Mexican theme this week because the Mexi Mac and Cheese I made last week has been requested again too. Tonight Jeremy has a softball game, so Zara and I are packing a picnic in the park to eat while we watch his game. That leaves Thursday and Friday for these delicious Mexican meals and leftovers to enjoy 🙂

What I’m reminiscing about… Jeremy and I both are really feeling the Disney urge again. We knew this would happen, but it’s here and it’s fierce. We love taking trips to the Disney parks. In the 4 years we’ve been married, we’ve been to Disneyland 4 times and Disney World 3 times. And we’re coming up on one year since we’ve been to either! But we are in the “break period” that we talked about that would happen when we started having babies. We need to wait until our little ones hit the 40-inch height requirement that the majority of the rides require. We did take Hayden and Zara to DW last summer when Z was 6 months old, and that was our last trip to a Disney park. It actually went really well with a 6-month old! But now that she’s a toddler…. that changes things. So while we have to stay strong with our decision to wait until they are at least 40 inches tall to go to ‘Land or World again, we are possibly considering the idea of a Disney cruise sometime next year… 🙂 We can’t help ourselves; we love Disney!


What I’m loving… Shoutout to my husband Jeremy. He makes me fall in love with him more and more each day. It is so sweet seeing him with Zara. He wants to spend as much time with her as he possibly can, whether that means feeding her breakfast in the morning and being late to work, or rushing home from work and taking her for a walk around the neighborhood, etc. The part of the day that he dreads is when she has to go to bed. It is seriously adorable. And speaking of his work, he is kicking ass! I am so proud of his accomplishments – the time and effort he has been putting in is really showing. And his co-workers are appreciating his efforts as well, nominating him for internal awards and recognition. On top of that, he is making forward progress on our house projects on the weekends, and he takes time to dote on me and tell me I’m beautiful. Besides all of that, he’s hilarious and makes me laugh every single day! I’m a lucky girl.


What we’ve been up to… Now that we’ve hit 8 weeks until baby’s boy due date, we are getting serious about our huge house project of getting his nursery ready! In between Jeremy’s work schedule, softball games, and band practices; and my FIT4MOM classes, marketing work, and blogging; and Zara’s busy schedule of play dates, nature walks, and daily naps; we are focusing on getting the office/cat cubby/Hayden’s room/baby’s nursery all changed around and functioning properly. We’re on a mission!

What I’m dreading… I had to come back to this one because it was hard for me to come up with something! But today we are going to Jeremy’s softball game, and while those are a lot of fun to watch and it’s fun to play with Zara outside, the traffic to get there is horrendous! We have to go through rush hour traffic to get there, and if there’s something I really dread more than other things, it’s sitting in slow-moving traffic when I just want to GO! I think I’ll get my mocha shake treat on the way, and Zara and I will be jamming to some dance music while we sit in the car.

What I’m working on… My focus right now on our house project is the garage… I’ve got to move all of my craft supplies and furniture projects out there and somehow organize the space to still function how I need it to.

What I’m excited about… I’m also interviewing for a new part-time job that I would love to add to my busy plate. I’ve got my second interview tomorrow and will know more about the next steps after that. I’m really excited about it and will update more as I hear back!

What I’m watching/reading… Now that Jeremy and I have hopped on the Netflix bandwagon, we binged watched all three seasons of House of Cards in about a month’s time, watching the episodes on nights we had together after Z went to bed. We’re all caught up and anxiously waiting for season four to come out. In the meantime, we’ve started watching Orange is the New Black, but it hasn’t caught our immediate attention as much as House of Cards did right away. We’re about 6 episodes in right now. As for books, I need to start a new one, but haven’t decided which one just yet…

What I’m listening to… My pandora channel is mostly on Imagine Dragons while I’m running, and I’m also liking Andy Grammar’s newest single Honey I’m Good. Zara likes to dance along with me when we’re on car rides.

What I’m wearing… Well today I’m decked out in black workout pants, a pink tank top, and my black FIT4MOM shirt and headband. I was distributing FIT4MOM flyers this morning, and I tend to wear the brand when I’m working. I also noticed this morning that Zara was wearing a pink-and-black outfit as well. While yes, I’m the one who dressed her, the color combo was not on purpose. That’s happened a few times with our coordinating outfits. I love having a daughter! 🙂

What I’m doing this weekend… We’ve got Saturday all cleared for housework! Fun, right? But definitely necessary! And on Sunday morning, I’ve got a Mother’s Day 5K to run and then I’m picking my brother and sis-in-law up from the airport. The rest of the day is not planned, so I bet we’ll be doing more housework!

What I’m looking forward to next month… Well technically my due date is next month (June 29), but I have a feeling he’ll wait until the first week of July (4th of July is my guess!). So next month, I’m looking forward to Hayden’s first summer visit! He gets out of school in mid-June, so he’ll be up here with us shortly after that. And since the other bloggers usually do the What’s up Wednesday posts at the end of the month, I’ll also share what I’m looking forward to THIS month… my dear friends are throwing me a Seahawks-themed baby shower in May! I’m excited to have all of my lovely friends all together with some yummy chocolate treats. 🙂

What else is new… Zara has recently regressed in her awesome sleeping-through-the-night routine. I don’t know if it’s a teething thing or what, but the girl is waking up a few times a night now. It is so hard to hear her crying and upset in the middle of the night; I just want to go in there and make it all better. But we have to be careful as to what we are responding to, so as not to make THAT the new routine. We could all use some solid nights of sleep, so hopefully this phase does not last long.

And that brings this What’s Up Wednesday post to a close. Happy mid-week!

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