A Sad “Grey” Moment For Me

Disclaimer: This post will be written in a more somber tone than I’m used to. Sad moments don’t happen often for me, and when they do they don’t last long, so I’ll get back to the sunshine and rainbows in my next post. 🙂

Warning: This post contains spoilers, so if you haven’t watched THE episode of Grey’s Anatomy that aired last night, do not read this post until you do. You have been fairly warned!

I have watched every single episode of Grey’s Anatomy since it first aired in 2005. There have been tragedies, cliffhangers, beloved character deaths, and shocking plot twists ever since – that’s part of what makes it a great show! Last night’s episode was one of those, if not THE BIGGEST ONE. McDreamy has died. Gone. Just like that. Derek is dead. Wow. Did anyone see that coming?

Now, some loyal viewers are PISSED. I’ve seen comments that some people are not going to continue watching the show anymore, and that some people think it was the worst episode ever. To each their own opinion, but I could not disagree more! I thought it was a great episode! I loved the flashback scenes of Derek and Meredith first meeting and falling in love, oh those were such sweet moments. I loved that Derek helped save other people’s lives up until the last few moments of his own. I loved that he created such a calming connection with the little girl who was in the accident when she needed it the most. I loved it. I thought the episode was great. Those shocking storylines are what make Grey’s Anatomy what it is. Those shockers are what keep us coming back for more.

Some loyal viewers are really sad. That’s understandable. Death is always sad. Especially when it happens to a young good person with no warning. I saw some comments that people were bawling their eyes out while watching it last night. Now again, to each their own, everyone has their own levels and ways of expressing their emotions. But for me, no I did not cry. It is extremely rare for me to cry out of sadness while watching a TV show or movie. I am more of the type to cry happy tears during moments of overwhelming joy – like when someone wins big on a game show bonus round or during that touching moment showing a precious newborn’s birth. But that’s just me. It’s a TV show, it’s entertainment, no one really died. Patrick Dempsey is alive and well, Derek Shepherd is not a real person. Obviously it was a sad episode, but I think the upcoming episodes are going to be even more sad. Seeing how Meredith now has to deal with life after Derek’s death, and seeing how all of the other doctors react to the news – that to me is going to be sad and difficult. And I’m excited to see what direction the show goes with this – it’s brilliant writing and true to the core of why this is a great show.

Let me just go on a tangent real quick and point out the writing error that I noticed at the beginning of the episode. Did anyone else notice it? This show is set in Seattle, but filmed in California (except for the few awesome on-location scenes where we get to see parts of the great NW!), and there was a character line that stood out to me. One of the doctors mentioned “the 5” when talking about Derek’s route to the airport. It is a very California thing to call the freeways “the 5” and “the 405”, etc. But here in Seattle, we call it “I-5”. So that little writing mistake stood out to me. But that’s okay… onward with the awesome show! 🙂

Now, what makes a great show brilliant is when the storylines really hit home and make the viewers think about their own lives and how they would react in a similar situation. THIS is why that episode last night really touched a spot in my heart – my biggest fear is what Meredith is now faced with. I am not an anxious or nervous or worried person, and I do not live my life in fear of the “what-if”s. But the one thing that truly terrifies me is the thought of losing Jeremy to an early death. There have been a few times when the thought crosses my mind of me being at home at night, usually on a band night when Jeremy stays out late, and I am in Meredith’s position of looking out the front window and seeing those blue and red flashing lights of a police car, and having to open the door to officers there to tell me that my husband has been in a car accident. Oh my gosh, I can’t imagine.

Jeremy came downstairs to kiss me good night last night while I was watching the episode. It was when Derek was on the hospital bed and his inner voice was telling the doctors that they were too late. I pushed pause, kissed Jeremy, and told him that he can never leave me like that. I don’t know what I would do. I don’t want his kids growing up without him. He told me that he has also had those few thoughts about me dying a premature death and that he doesn’t know what he would do without me. He reminded me that we have to push those thoughts out of our heads. We have had the conversation before, and we have agreed that we are going to be one of those old grandma-and-grandpa couples who die together. At the same time, holding hands. There’s no other way for us. 🙂

But that’s the thing about death and what makes it so sad. Death is the one thing that is inevitable for all of us. It is going to happen. We just don’t know when or how. And that’s why shocking “real” storylines that happen out of nowhere and that punch you in the gut when you least expect it make shows like Grey’s Anatomy so good.

There’s one more thing that I want to touch on before I put an end to this sad post. The one thing that is perhaps a bigger topic of conversation right now besides the episode itself, is the spoilers that were out on social media before some people watched the episode. TV spoilers happen a lot for us on the west coast due to social media, and I’m sorry, but that is not a new thing and it’s not going to stop happening. So if you didn’t watch the episode yet or you don’t want to see/read any spoilers, for goodness sake people, stay off of the internet until you do!! While I am not going to be one of those people who posts a spoiler, there is no point in getting mad at the people who do! Once one spoiler is out, you can’t stop the fire from spreading. It’s done. There have been only one or two Seahawks games that we couldn’t watch live (oh the horror!!), because we were on the road driving home to watch it or at an important event we couldn’t get out of, and we knew to just STAY OFF of social media, the internet, the radio, our phones, etc so as not to ruin the outcome before we could watch it. If something means that much to you, whether it’s a TV show episode or a live sportscast, take it upon yourself to not let the outcome or plot twist get spoiled for you.

With all that being said, I look forward to next week’s two-hour episode of Grey’s Anatomy to see how all of the doctors cope with life after Derek. Death is sad, but life goes on for everyone else. Keep up the great writing, Shondaland!

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