Springtime in the Northwest

I am loving this weather we’re having! I know that it’s just a teaser right now, it happens every year, but I’m enjoying the teaser while it’s here. Rain is back in the forecast for this week, but until then, I’m dreaming of summer and soaking up this lovely sunshine.

Spring is actually my least favorite season, but I’ve started to really love and appreciate the gorgeousness of the bright colors and fresh air the last few years. Summer is obviously the best – the long sunny days, cold beer, dinners outside, and all of the fun outdoor activities like hiking, camping, boating, etc. Doesn’t get much better than summer. I do love winter too, because it’s holiday season, the snow brings a sense of peace and beauty to the world, and I do love cuddling indoors in front of a fire and enjoying warm comfort food. We got married in the winter, so it holds a special place in my heart. Fall comes in third because it’s a good transition between summer to winter, it’s the start of football season which is always fun, and if I have to put away my sundresses and flip flops, then I’m happy to get out my leg warmers and boots instead. And my birthday is in the fall, so there’s no complaints from me there. But then there’s spring. By the time winter is over, we need to just jump ahead to summer. We’re ready for the bright light again! Spring is the not-so-great transition from winter to summer, because it seems to go on forever when we’re just ready for the fun summer to start.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are lucky to have all four seasons. Our mountains and trees and lakes are gorgeous because of it, and I truly do enjoy our scenery. So I am learning to appreciate the springtime in my old age. 😉 I know the rain is coming and we will still have some “dark days” to get through, but I’m going to love the teaser weather until it’s here for the summer!

Case in point… this past week has been FULL of fun springtime goodness… 

The Tulip Festival – This is an annual world famous festival up in Skagit Valley and I’ve never been… until this year. Zara and I went twice to go see all of the colorful tulips, once with family on their spring break, and once with our mom-and-toddler friends. Both times were awesome! The flowers were gorgeous, the sunshine was great, and Zara got some good walking exercise in.


Hiking – Oh I love me some hiking. And ever since I hiked in Coeur d’Alene with Zara on my back a few weeks ago, I want to go more. Our hiking backpack is actually pretty comfortable during my pregnancy right now. I met a friend the other day and we hiked a trail that is close by our houses here in Woodinville. I see a lot more hikes for us in the coming months!


Outdoor Running – I have never been a treadmill runner. It’s just not for me. I have to feel like I’m going somewhere; I need to see some scenery. I used to like running in the rain, but I just can’t do it now that I’ve got Zara with me in the stroller. Even though Jeremy bought me a rain cover for the stroller so that I could still go running in the rain – that just can’t be pleasant for her. So the weather is a huge factor with my running schedule. I’m currently 30 weeks pregnant, and I just ran another 5k on Sunday. Even though I have to stop to pee, I’m still doing what I can! It was the annual Seahawks 12k and 5k – my brother and sister both ran the 12k and I vow to do it next year. This year, I stuck with the 5k and then cheered them on at the finish line of their longer race. And then Zara did her second annual Seahawks Kids Dash. And she was a hit 🙂

11173314_921503831214667_4544720669111066108_nIMG_20150419_100608_237-12015041995105250 (1)IMG_20150419_100453_111

Boating – Ahhh, boating. We are lucky to have good friends who are big into boating. We will buy our own boat when we can afford it, but right now we enjoy the boating life when we get invited with them. And boy did we enjoy it this past weekend. What a wonderful relaxing afternoon in the 70+ degree weather. The water temperature on Lake Washington was still too cold to jump in, but we’ll get there. Zara has been a boating baby since last summer, and her little brother will take his maiden voyage this summer, I’m sure.


Family Walks to the Park, Dog Park, and Nature Walks – One of the big reasons we fell in love with our neighborhood is the quiet peaceful park that we have access to. We love walking there as a family, and Zara loves the swings, and Hayden loves jumping into the lake. We also love the local dog park that is a 10-minute drive away. Our dog Floyd knows it well – he knows when we’re pulling in and he can barely contain his excitement. These parks and walking to and at them are fun for all of us. And now that Zara is walking, she loves exploring and walking around wherever she can. We just enjoyed an impromptu nature walk on the grounds surrounding the public library today… because, why not? 🙂


House Projects and Yardwork – The nice weather is good incentive to get moving on our house projects as well. We’ve got a LOT of work to do to be ready for our new baby coming in two months (!!), including changing the office to Hayden’s bedroom so that Hayden’s current bedroom can become the little Seahawk nursery…. and in order for all of that to happen, we have to move things into and organize the garage some more. So that project has been started. But a bigger project is building a front porch and a back deck – these are all on our agenda and we need to get moving on them so that we can start enjoying them. So much to do! And we need consistent good weather to do it. More posts coming on these projects soon!

So… I started this “yay for springtime” post yesterday. And before I could even finish and publish it today, the weather has already turned and it is currently pouring outside. And it’s supposed to stay that way for the next few days at least. Sigh. Springtime in the Northwest. I’m ready for our next teaser again!

They say April showers bring May flowers. I say… rain, rain, go away. Come again… next year. I’m ready for summer!

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