The Differences in my Two Pregnancies – From my Babies’ Viewpoints

Blogging 101 – Day Seven: Give and Take

Today’s Prompt: Write a post based on the contrast between two things – whether people, objects, places, emotions, or something else.

Today’s Twist: Write your post in the form of a dialogue.

I am going to do something a little different today and write about my two pregnancies, from the babies’ perspectives. My pregnancies have been pretty similar in the general sense – no nausea, no morning sickness, no swelling, no outrageous mood swings, no uncomfortable pains, etc…. I know, I’m aware that most people want to punch me in the face. But it’s true, I love being pregnant and I am soaking up these last couple months because I know this is my second and last pregnancy.

While my pregnancies have been relatively the same for me, I thought it would be fun to imagine them from my baby-in-the-womb’s perspective. Throughout my entire first pregnancy, we referred to the baby as Ziggy. This nickname was born early on in the pregnancy, from Ziggy the Zygote, before we even knew the gender. And up until the very day she was born, we referred to Zara as Ziggy throughout the entire 41+ weeks. We don’t have a cute nickname for this second one (poor 2nd child syndrome already), but he has been lovingly referred to as Baby Boy. So for the sake of this writing exercise, I am going to just refer to the two viewpoints as Girl and Boy. 

Boy: I want a chocolate donut.

Girl: Oh good, every time you want a chocolate donut, I get a few little bites of a plain applesauce donut. It’s a fun little date for me and mommy!

Boy: What did you want a lot of when you were in here?

Girl: Oh I wanted fluffy pancakes All.The.Time. We went out for breakfast a lot.

Boy: Did you get them with chocolate chips? Everything is better with chocolate!

Girl: No, just good ol’ fashioned buttermilk pancakes. But I did like chocolate peanut butter ice cream at nighttime!

Boy: Oh yeah, that’s the good stuff! I’m glad mommy indulges in these cravings for us.

Girl: Yeah, but she is smart about it. For instance, you only get the chocolate donuts on days we go for a run. I’m her favorite little running buddy.

Boy: I know, I’m excited to join you in the stroller and go for runs with mommy too! For now, it’s fun in her belly. Did she go running when you were in here too?

Girl: No, she’s a lot more active now than when I was in there. We did some zumba classes when I was really little in her belly, but other than that, she was working full time and was in front of a computer every day. But she did walk a lot, and she walked 60 miles for breast cancer when she was 7 months pregnant with me.

Boy: 60 miles! That’s far. She only runs about 3 miles at a time with me in here. And we go hiking, and do yoga, and go to Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre classes almost every day.

Girl: I know. I’m there with you guys for most of those!

Boy: I know. I hear you laughing or crying or just talking to your toys a lot. She gives you lots of snacks and sings to you a lot.

Girl: Yeah, I keep her busy. She must have been so bored before I was here! She went to bed a lot earlier, that’s for sure.

Boy: She stays up late with me. Nighttime is when I move around and kick a lot. She likes it.

Girl: She does like it. She liked that with me too.

Boy: How long did you stay in here?

Girl: 8 days past my due date. I waited until Thanksgiving Day at 4pm, right when everyone was planning to eat their big Thanksgiving dinners.

Boy: I might stay a little late too. It’s fun in here! If I wait 5 days past my due date, I’ll be born on a holiday too. The 4th of July!

Girl: That will be fun! Either way, we’ll all be here, waiting and excited to meet you. Then I’ll show you how to be cool.

Boy: Cool, thanks! I’m excited to meet you and I’m also excited for my Seahawks room.

Girl: Oh yeah, your room is going to be really cool. I’ll be hanging out in there a lot with you. But mom and dad have a lot to do to get it ready.

Boy: Two and a half months! See you guys soon!

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