Easter Fun Week!

Wow, what a week! We were so busy with fun Easter activities with family and friends all week long, I barely had any time to sit down at my blog. So I’m combining all of our adventures in one big Easter post so I can catch up, because today is the start of a new blogging challenge that I’ve signed up for – more on that in the next post! 😉

This is the first holiday that Zara is old enough and mobile enough to really participate and play a role in the fun activities. And oh my goodness, what fun she (and we!) had! It is so much fun to be a parent and watch a small child experience holidays. Our Easter celebrations started last weekend and went strong all the way through yesterday, Easter Sunday… 

Beat the Bunny 5K

Last weekend was the end of Hayden’s spring break 😦 so as he and Jeremy headed to the airport, Zara and I met up with a group of FIT4MOM friends for a fun Easter-themed 5K and Kids Dash. The Kids Dash was first, and all the kids lined up to run a couple hundred yards down to grab an Easter egg and run back to the finish line. Zara was one of the smallest participating, and I carried her most of the way. It was a good thing too, because those bigger kids were fast! They meant business with their sprinting. Zara picked out her own egg to bring back, and I set her down about 10 yards from the finish line so she could walk across herself. She was pretty much the last one to finish, but she didn’t care! 🙂 The bunny was there to high five all the finishers, which she did with a huge smile. This was her first time seeing the Easter Bunny, and she just stared at him in awe.


Next up was the 5K. This race was called Beat the Bunny because the bunny was running the race too! And everyone who crossed the finish line before the bunny earned a prize. Our group of FIT4MOMers all started the race together, but we quickly spread out as we settled into our own paces. A few moms did beat the bunny! I wasn’t one of them – he was fast! I might have had a chance if I wasn’t pregnant and pushing a stroller, but oh well, Zara and I still had fun!

13027_10153177161414025_3091408640712433180_n-1 (1)IMG_20150401_105715_086-1IMG_20150401_105555_831-1IMG_20150328_104806_054-1

After the race, I treated Zara (and baby boy!) and myself to Top Pot donuts, because well… YUM! We earned it 😉 She enjoyed a plain applesauce donut, and I devoured enjoyed a double trouble chocolate.


Mom’s Group Easter Play Date

A few days later, Zara and I went to our friend’s house who was hosting an Easter play date. This is a great group of moms and babies (now toddlers!) who all met at Parent-Baby classes at Evergreen Hospital. I actually only went to one of the classes when Zara was a couple months old, but we formed a Facebook group for us to all stay connected and share stories, advice, successes, fails, vents and funnies as we all navigate our way through motherhood. This mom’s group is awesome – we are all real and open with no judgments on each other and just support and friendship for each other and our little ones. Through this group, we plan play dates, kid swaps and mom’s nights out as needed.

This Easter play date was at my friend Nicole’s house, with her little son Stephen. We all gathered inside because it was a bit cold out, so the kids had fun with all of Stephen’s indoor toys. Nicole had a great selection of food and snacks out, and she had set up a couple of craft tables for the kids to make some Easter masterpieces. Zara enjoyed the snacks and toys more, but I did manage to get some flower handprints from her.


Soon everyone started heading home for naptimes, but there were a few of us who stayed a bit later and went outside as the sun started to emerge. Zara and her friend Kenzie played at the water table for awhile before we parted ways. We are going to need to get Zara one of these for this summer for sure! She loved it.


Stroller Strides Easter Egg Hunt Class and Egg Stamping Craft Date

We had two Easter-themed Stroller Strides classes this week, one was with plastic Easter eggs hidden at each station with exercises inside, and the other was a competitive scavenger hunt where we split into teams and had to collect all of the eggs with clues to the next station. Both classes were a lot of fun and great cardio workouts as we raced to the finish!


After one of the classes, Zara and I stayed for an Easter craft date. Our awesome play group captain Kristin brought potatoes for stamping that she had pre-cut into fun Easter egg-shaped designs. Zara was fascinated with the paint colors and seemed to enjoy that the paint stayed on the potatoes instead of getting on her hands or feet. I didn’t get a picture of Zara in action, but this is her friend Addy working on the craft, and then a picture of Zara’s finished egg art.

11076792_10205494864466971_2909611880489409398_o (1)IMG_20150406_130006_286-1

Annual FIT4MOM Easter Egg Hunt

Our FIT4MOM franchise owner, Erin, hosts an annual Easter Egg hunt at her 1.5 acre property. Parents brought 12 Easter eggs per child for the big hunt, so that each child could then find and go home with a dozen eggs each. With 45 children under 6 years of age (and most of them toddlers!), that was more than 500 Easter eggs spread out in Erin’s yard!


Jeremy and I had so much fun watching Zara “find” and collect her eggs. She had just recently discovered her arm as a way of looping through a handle of something to carry things, just in time for her Easter basket! At first, she didn’t know what to do and she just stood there in the grass and watched what was happening around her. So I held her basket for her and we pointed out the eggs, which she started picking up. Soon she looped her arm into the Easter basket handle and started marching around and collecting her eggs. She loved it.


After the egg hunt, we all set up picnic blankets to eat some lunch and check out the prizes inside the collected eggs. Zara can’t eat most of the candy yet, but she enjoyed stuffing her face with the snacks that we brought!


There was an awesome Easter-themed backdrop with props set up for fun photos. Zara was more interested in checking out all of the props than posing for a picture, and when she picked up the little stuffed chick and her fingers went right into her mouth, we knew we were closing in on naptime. The jingle jangle of the keys perked her up for a couple of quick cheesy grins, but then it was time to call it a party and head home for a nap!


Family Easter Egg Hunt 

On Easter Sunday, most of my family gathered at my younger sister’s house for a big lunch and Easter egg hunt in their backyard. My parents, my brother and sister-in-law, and some of my sister and brother-in-law’s family all met up for a casual afternoon of Easter fun. We missed my older sister’s family, who was spending the day with her husband’s family. After an amazing lunch of honey-baked ham, corn, potatoes, broccoli and pasta salads, deviled eggs, and lots of sweet treats for dessert, we all headed outside for what the kids had been waiting for: the big Easter egg hunt in the backyard. We could barely get a still picture of the five kids, who were eager to go collect their eggs.


The bigger kids were pretty good about leaving some of the easy-to-find eggs for Zara, and the boys liked climbing up high for the harder-to-get eggs that the adults had fun hiding.


Zara loved marching around with her Easter basket on her arm again and collecting eggs to put inside it. At this hunt, there were some good shaking eggs with coins inside that Zara liked the sound of. Her grand total: $1.04 and some more chocolate for mama baby brother to enjoy. 😉


Easter Bunnies and Officially Springing Forward on House Projects

What a wonderful week of fun Easter festivities indeed. We got to spend lots of time with family and friends, and we got to enjoy a fun holiday with Zara being an active (and funny!) participant. And spring weather is slowly starting to take over the cold days with brighter sunshine and lovely outdoor colors. Now that April is in full swing, Jeremy and I know that it is time to get busy. We have a LOT of work to do on our house – both inside and outside – in the next few weeks and months to get ready for the new addition and more time to spend outside this summer. And this week really kicked all of that into gear.

We woke up Easter Sunday to find the annual bunny in our backyard. Our neighborhood is frequently home to some wild bunnies every spring, but it never fails that specifically on Easter Sunday, there is at least one in our backyard. This was our 5th Easter in this house and as I was making breakfast and looking into the backyard, there he was, chomping away at the grass. And that prompted Jeremy to mow the lawn that the annual Easter bunny started for us.


And with that, I’ll end this long post with a Happy Easter and Happy Spring from Floyd!


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