Family Fun Center

This post is overdue, but I took a little break from writing while Hayden was here for spring break. So I’ve got a few stories to catch up on! One of Hayden’s requests for his birthday/spring break was to go to the Family Fun Center. So we actually went twice in one week! The first time was a Friday night and we had a few people join us – our friends the Grants, with their daughter Meghan, and my sister, her husband, and their kids, Dean and Emma. The place was packed, and it was the first time that we let Zara walk around with that many people in public. She looked so cute and tiny compared to all of those big (normal-sized) people! She loved it. We kept a close eye on her to make sure no one stepped on her or knocked her over, but she just cruised around like she was the same size as everyone else. 

Speaking of height differences, look at these two! This is 12-year-old Hayden and 13-year-old Meghan. They have been friends for years now, and they used to be closer to the same height, but she has just shot up there recently. She is taller than me and her mom now and getting close to as tall as Jeremy and her dad. Crazy!


After trying out a lot of the indoor arcade games, we headed outside for the go-karts. The only ones tall enough to ride them were the big kids, so Jeremy, Hayden and Meghan got in their cars. The smallest of our group tried out the sample car, but we let her know she was not quite tall enough. 🙂

IMG_20150320_201332_347 (1)IMG_20150320_201504_591

Next it was cupcake time for the birthday boy.


This is when things got a little messy 🙂 This girl decided she wanted to smash a cupcake into her own face…


So the other kids decided to follow suit…


Somehow the youngest kid wound up with the cleanest face after the cupcakes!


After the cupcakes, it was time to bring the sugar rush upstairs to finish out the night with laser tag and air hockey. The big kids and dads geared up to run around the laser tag course and Emma was the air hockey champion against her mom.


And that ended the night for us all. The fun center is tiring! We were all ready for bed after all that fun.

Just the four of us went back later that week – this time in the afternoon and it was a lot less crowded at the fun center. We went back with a specific mission in place: to use the rest of our tokens and earn as many more tickets as possible. Hayden had saved his tickets from our first trip so he could put them all together for the biggest prize. So we got to work… the biggest ticket winners were Milk Jugs and SkeeBall. Zara was fascinated helping with the retrieval of the balls and tickets.


Father and son then decided they would venture away from the tickets mission for a few minutes for a competitive game of air hockey. It’s a good thing the fun center wasn’t as busy as the other night because this game got intense. The puck went flying across the room a few times! Zara and I had to take cover, but we managed to get a quick picture.


Finally, the moment Hayden had been waiting for…. we went to cash in the huge stash of tickets. The grand total came to 1007 tickets (not the 5000 that Hayden wanted for the waffle maker, oh well!). Hayden chose a gigantic red soccer ball for him, and for Zara he chose a Seahawks-colored squishy ball. Both excellent choices!


What family fun day would be complete without a stop for frozen yogurt? We all enjoyed some yummy treats from Menchie’s… mostly chocolate for me, caramel for Jeremy, a hodge podge mixture for Hayden, and fruit for Zara. 🙂


After we got home, Hayden found 34 more tickets in his pocket! Looks like we’ve got more family fun center in store for us this summer! 🙂

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