Zoo Day!

Today we went to the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in Tacoma. It was so much fun! We went with some friends of ours, and we all had a blast – despite a little bit of typical PNW rain. It only rained part of the day; otherwise, it was overcast and upper 50s… a wonderful day to walk around the zoo. I wish I had clocked the mileage we walked, but I didn’t, oh well!


The aquarium portion of the day was a huge hit! The fish were so colorful and the sharks were mesmerizing. Hayden liked touching the stingrays, and Zara liked the lower viewing areas that were at her eye level.


Next up were the otters and polar bear. We caught the polar bear right at feeding time, so that was fun to see! We also had a front row seat of some walrus mating, lucky us! Hayden made up the plural form of “walrus” with “walri”… we all got a kick out of that.


Back outside, we loved watching the group of penguins – they stood all together at the edge of the rock, daring each other to dive in the water first, and finally once the first one did, they all did and started swimming around together. Then we made our way over to the Asia sanctuary and got to see my favorite, the dancing elephant.


We spent a lot of time gazing at the tigers. There were three tiger cubs lounging with their mama, and the dad was separated on the other side, pacing around and giving us a good show.


After seeing all of the animals, we decided it was play time. We headed back to the play area that we saw at the beginning (when it was raining), and let the kids run around and play now that the rain had stopped. Zara loves slides, although this one was not very slick. She also enjoyed a little milk break and practiced marching around in her shoes. It’s really fun to watch Hayden with her and see how protective he is of her on the playground.


I also really love watching Jeremy with the kids. He loves teaching them about new things, and they love asking him questions and listening to him explain everything.


Before we left, we had to ride the carousel!


We caught a couple more family pictures on our way back to the car.


We went to dinner at a great little brewery that was in an old firehouse. I love places like that! Even though Zara had been out and about all day and had only snoozed for about 20 minutes in the car before we got to the zoo, she was a champ all day and made us all laugh at dinner. She thought it was just hilarious when Dad turned the empty popcorn basket upside down on her head.


Finally we headed home after a very fun day! We put Zara to bed and then spent some time with Hayden, who was laughing hysterically watching Jeremy and Floyd play together. We all agreed that it was an awesome day. Hayden then went to bed to read his book for a little while, and Jeremy and I watched the next episode of House of Cards.

What a fun weekend! Hayden is here all week for spring break, and we’ve got more fun things planned. It is absolutely amazing seeing Hayden and Zara together – those two have an awesome brother-sister connection that is so sweet and so sincere. We are all going to bed with full and happy hearts. 🙂

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