My First “Hike It, Baby” Group Hike

Today Zara and I did our first group hike from the “Hike It, Baby – Seattle” group. I’ve been a member of this group for awhile now, but timing/location/etc just hasn’t worked out for me yet, until today.

The hike was the Preston/Snoqualmie Falls Trail just outside of Fall City. It was a fully paved trail and fairly flat, which means stroller-friendly. I always love seeing Snoqualmie Falls, but I’ve only seen it from the regular viewpoint from Salish Lodge (and the hike down to the bottom from there), and this trail promised a different and less-known viewpoint. The drive was only 20 minutes from our house, but meant we had to miss Stroller Strides this morning. 

We got to the trailhead 20 minutes early (really!), and Zara had just started to snooze before we arrived. So I stayed in the car and let her get in a little catnap before we started. The rest of the group arrived and we all got ourselves and our babies ready. Some wore hiking backpacks, some wore soft carrier front packs, and some pushed jogging strollers. I put Zara in the stroller and brought our front pack, in case she got restless in the stroller.


There were seven moms, eight babies (and one on the way!), and one dog, and we all introduced ourselves and our little ones and then we were off.


The trail was nice and peaceful and the weather was perfect. It wasn’t too hot, but it wasn’t cold or rainy either, which is always nice for a hike! The only other living beings we saw were a jogger with his dog, a small group of women, and these two handsome guys:


There were a couple of little hills (felt my glutes from last night’s Fit4Baby class!), but the trail was mostly flat. We got to the viewpoint fairly quickly (just under two miles), and it was….okay. I was prepared for it because I had read the reviews about this trail and the view beforehand, and it was true what others had said. We were kind of far away from the falls, and there were lots of trees in between, so it wasn’t as spectacular as being right there – but that was to be expected. We could hear how loud the falls were though, and it was cool to see Mt Si behind it.


While at the halfway point, I let Zara out of the stroller to stretch her legs and play with the little dog in our group. She is still trying to determine her feelings about dirt though, so she didn’t venture too far from me, while the other little girl was collecting rocks and sticks. 🙂


I attempted to put Zara in the front pack for the journey back, but she preferred the stroller with some snacks, so that was fine with me. Seeing the other babies on their moms’ backs though made me want to see how our hiking backpack fits me now. I carried Zara in it last summer on some bigger hikes, but I’m not sure if the waist strap will work with my preggo belly right now. I think Zara and I would both love for her to be on my back though, so I’m going to look into it.

All in all, the hike was great and I’m glad we got out there for it today. The moms were nice, the kids were cute, and the fresh air felt great. Four more miles in the books. I’ll definitely keep my eyes open for more upcoming hikes planned by this Hike It, Baby group!

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