Our Family Organization Wall

A few years ago, Jeremy and I started our shared electronic calendar. It mostly consisted of our upcoming trips and Hayden visits. With both of us working full-time, our weekdays were pretty routine due to our similar office hours. Now add in prenatal appointments, kid play dates, workout classes, school schedules, work trips, family dinner planning, band practice, and social commitments, and we have the need for a full Family Organization Wall to keep track of everything.


Here’s a closer look at all the specifics that help keep our family organized… 

Let’s start at the top:


I covered wood letters in colorful prints to spell out FAMILY at the top. Underneath that, I included two pieces of kid art that we framed. The one that Zara made 😉 is her footprints in a heart shape for Valentine’s Day. The one that Hayden made is a black and white drawing of his SuperFamily – he made it double sided and the other side is a comic strip story that he wrote and illustrated of the four of us. It is amazing. We’ll have to get a third frame once our littlest dude starts making art projects too.

Next up, the clipboards…


I love using clipboards for important paperwork that can be changed when needed. On these three clipboards we have Zara’s Toddler Group information that she is registered for in the fall, Hayden’s school schedule so we can plan for his long visits accordingly, and our FIT4MOM monthly schedule since we have so many themed workout classes and play dates that change every month.

And then of course, upcoming events…


I have a decorative board that I clip invitations to – upcoming baby/bridal showers, birthday parties, weddings, appointment reminders, etc. Underneath that, I have our family calendar that we get every Christmas. This shows the current month we are in, with all of those parties and appointments written in – since some invitations are electronic only, this is where they are all written together so we can see how busy (or not) our month is. Family and friends’ birthdays are also written in so we can remember to acknowledge our loved ones’ special days – this is something I really want to get better at doing.

And finally the weekly planner…


This is the big one that gets updated every weekend. Mine is a dry erase board with the color key written at the top: Dinner (purple), Jeremy (blue), tiffany (green), Hayden (orange), Zara (pink), Baby (black). Then each of our daily activities are written in our colors so it’s easy to keep track of where we all need to be on each day and night. There is also a space for miscellaneous notes for reminders of specific errands that need to be done that week (for example, gifts for upcoming parties, etc.). Dinner planning has helped tremendously in avoiding the late afternoon “what do you want for dinner” texts and last minute grocery store trips, which usually resulted in late and unhealthy dinners. Dinner planning for the week has helped with getting everything we need bought and ready before the week starts.

And that brings us to the necessary knick knacks…


As part of our Family Organization Wall, I have a fun little desk to hold necessary items ONLY. It is important to keep this desktop free of clutter, so the decorative state maps covering gives the small work space an interesting (and educational) vibe. The only items we keep on here are the colored dry erase markers for the weekly planner, a couple of pens for the monthly calendar, an oversize mug of the board clips, our address book (with family and friends’ addresses handwritten in pencil to keep it current!), and a small bamboo box with a few coupons in it. I have not gotten into the whole couponing craze – that takes serious time commitment! – but I will keep a few coupons here and there that I get with our grocery receipts or randomly in the mail, etc. Sometimes they expire before I remember to use them, but I’m sure the savings could add up if I got better at the whole couponing thing. Inside the one drawer of this little desk are paper grocery bags that I use to set out donation items for our local Buy Nothing group. I’ve been busy with these donations during my current 40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge – but that will be covered in its own upcoming post.

So there you have it, our Family Organization Wall. It keeps everything running smoothly when our family is running around town. They say “happy wife, happy life”, and I say organization is key to that happiness. 🙂 What do you do to keep your family organized?

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