Let’s hear it for the fur babies!

Our pets are so funny. We have three (two cats and a dog), and they are all so unique and funny in their own way. They are part of our family, and I can’t imagine our household without any of them. They are each six years apart in age, so some have been around longer than others, but they have all been champs through the two moves and a baby joining the family in the last two and a half years. So I have no doubts they’ll be champs when this next family member joins us soon too. But because human babies do require a lot of time and attention which might temporarily take away from theirs, I wanted to share specifics about each of these fur babies as to why they are so awesome. 


Phil – Oh so chill Phil. He is our 15-year-old tabby cat. He is the first cat I have ever loved. Jeremy actually already had Phil when I met him, so I’ve known him as long as I’ve known Jeremy (almost 11 years). He is 14 pounds of pure love. He always just wants to be with the group and will insert himself into the circle of people if we have guests gathered in the living room. He and Jeremy are true homies. Phil is the calmest, coolest, most laid-back cat I’ve ever met. And he snores – we call it his motor because it can be loud. He is the king of the house where the pets are concerned, and the other two both know and respect that.

Floyd – Oh so fluffy Floyd. He is our 9-year-old bearded collie, a.k.a. “the shaggy dog”. I brought him home when he was just a little puppy, and oh you should have seen the look on Jeremy’s face, haha! But there was no denying it, he was immediately part of the family. He is about 45 pounds, depending on if he’s had a recent haircut or not. He still acts like a puppy in that he cannot control his excitement when someone new comes to the house (or even when we get home). The first two minutes will be pure excitement with him jumping and squealing and shaking his butt, and then he’ll calm down and be cool. He knows that Jeremy is the alpha dog and he will obey whatever command comes from him, but he is a total mama’s boy and will follow me around and lay down wherever I am at any given point of the day.

Phoebe – Oh so spastic Phoebe. She is our 3-year-old black cat. And what a total spaz she is. She had a rough start to life (her litter was abandoned in the woods and most of her siblings were killed in the wild very young), so she was an unplanned addition to our family, but there was no question this was where she belonged. We assume it’s because of her terrifying beginning, but she is a complete scaredy cat. If anyone comes to the door or stays at our house, she is nowhere to be found. She hides under our bed and does not emerge until the danger is over. And then as soon as the stranger danger is gone, she comes out of hiding and hangs out with us like she was there the whole time. Her chosen safe humans consist only of Jeremy, me, Hayden and Zara. Some of our friends don’t believe that she even exists. There are only a very few who have been privileged with a Phoebe sighting, but that was definitely not on purpose where she is concerned.

How they interact with each other – Phil has been here the longest, so he is definitely the elder of the three, and the other two know it. He has never swiped at any of us humans, but if he needs to put Floyd or Phoebe in their place, he will do it with one quick bop on the nose. And they don’t talk back to Phil. Floyd is just happy-go-lucky and lets both cats drink from his water bowl. I don’t know any other dog who allows that. Phoebe actually fell in love with Floyd before she trusted anyone else in this house. She just cuddled right up next to him and has never been scared of him. She’s like the annoying little sister to him, but she is so oblivious to any sort of annoyance from him. Now that I am at home more during the daytime, I see these three in their natural day-to-day life, and they are usually always all together in the same room. They are their own little three-man wolfpack.


How they interact with the kids – Phil is older than Hayden, so he was with Jeremy already when Hayden was born. So when both Hayden and Zara were brought home (10 years apart from each other), Phil was pretty indifferent to the new human presence in the house. Nowadays, Phil’s favorite nap spot is on top of Hayden’s bed, and Zara treats him like a stuffed animal, so he has to stay quick in his old age to move away from her if he doesn’t want to get tackled down. Floyd will be best friends with anyone who gives him food, so he is in a good place with both kids right now. As Hayden has grown bigger than Floyd, we like to let him give commands and treats to Floyd now so that Floyd learns that Hayden is one to be respected and obeyed, just like adults. Zara, on the other hand, is all about sharing her food right now and Floyd likes to take full advantage of that. He is very protective of her in return, which we have witnessed on numerous occasions. He is not going to let anyone harm that little girl, that’s for sure. As for the spaz Phoebe, we were pretty surprised that she is her calm self around both kids. Somehow, she knows they are both one of us, even Hayden who is here part-time, and she hangs out with us and them like normal, even letting them pet her. Have anyone else enter the room though, and she is outta here.

Phil, Floyd and Phoebe, our funny little fur babies. They keep our house interesting, that’s for sure. They each have their own opinions and noises they make when they want something. They each have their own special place in our hearts. And until this summer, they currently outnumber the kids in this house. We’ll see if the dynamic changes when the new baby enters the equation, but I doubt it will. These three pets know they are loved. Oh so loved. They make us laugh every single day. And they are all staring at me right now. 🙂

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