My true feelings about expecting a boy…

When I was ready to start having children, I wanted identical twin girls. When I got pregnant the first time, I hoped that it would be identical twin girls. When I found out there was only one in there, I was ecstatic to find out it was a girl. I absolutely love having a daughter and I am so excited for our mother-daughter bond to grow as she gets older. I knew right away that I wanted to have another baby close in age to her. And I wanted it to be another girl. 

The main reason I wanted another girl was because I wanted Zara to have a sister close in age to her. I wanted her to have a lifelong best friend who she would always be close with. Plus, I had kept her clothes and knew (somewhat) what I was doing, so a girl would just be “easier”. I laughed off other people’s comments about what a nightmare it would be when they were both teenagers.

When we went in for our ultrasound to find out the gender, I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t have a feeling one way or the other if it was a boy or a girl. When the ultrasound technician said “It’s a boy!”, I was surprised that my natural reaction was a happy gasp and “Really?!?!” I was instantly SO EXCITED that it was a boy. And that surprised me. Now that I’ve had time to let the news sink in, I couldn’t be happier that we are expecting a boy. Here are a few reasons why…

For Zara – As much as I thought I wanted a sister for her, I am so happy for Zara that she is getting a little brother. I love knowing that she is (and will be) our one and only girl and that she will get plenty of girl attention all to herself. She will get solo mommy-daughter dates. She will be the only little girl who has daddy wrapped around her finger. She won’t have to share her clothes. She is truly our one and only little princess.

For Hayden – It was been a joy watching Hayden be a big brother. He already has two little brothers from his mom, and they each have unique brotherly bonds with him due to their differing personalities and ages. When Zara came along as his first sister, he was 10 years old and already so good with little children. He and Zara adore each other. She lights up when she sees him and he has a special ability to make her laugh like no one else can. When we told him that this next one is a boy, he said, “Oh I’ve got the boy thing down. We got this.” 🙂 I am so excited to see the dynamic between these brothers, who will be 12 years apart.

For baby boy himself – I hope he never feels hurt that I thought I wanted him to be a girl. From the moment I found out he’s a boy, I have felt so close to him and so excited to meet him. And it is so much better for him that he’s a boy. He will get all new stuff – new furniture, new clothes, new blankets, new toys, his own room – no hand-me-downs for him! He won’t be lost in his sister’s shadow, like another girl might have been. A boy is the perfect addition to round out our little family, and we are all excited to meet him.

For Jeremy – As much as Jeremy loves already having a son and a daughter, this will be a completely new and unique experience for him. Hayden has always had two loving families that split time with him, and since he was a toddler, those two homes have been an 8-hour car drive away. Jeremy soaks up as much father-son time with Hayden as he can get. He and I are so grateful that he has a wonderful stepdad who is there for him when Jeremy can’t be (physically). So I am so excited for Jeremy that he will have another son, one who will be with him full-time – whenever they want to toss a ball around, or wrestle, or play video games, or do “boy stuff”…. they can.

For me – I am so excited to experience that mother-son bond that only moms of boys know and understand. I am excited for the responsibility of raising a good son who shows love and respect for girls and animals. I am excited that I will get to experience the joys and differences of having both a son and a daughter. I love my relationship with Hayden, but I am not his #1 girl – his mom is, as she should be. And I am excited to have that bond with my own boy.

For Disneyland – We love Disney. A lot. More than most. I will save that for an entirely different post because there is so much to say about our love for the Disney parks. But Disneyland is definitely a reason we are excited that our final little family member is a boy. We joked after having Zara that we should just be done having kids because our countdown until our next Disney trip is dependent on when our littlest one hits the minimum height requirement for most of the Disney rides, which is 40 inches. After Zara’s first year of life (and we did take her and Hayden to Disney World when she was 6 months old, by the way), we realized that she will probably be around 4 years old when she hits the 40 inches mark. If we had another baby after her, that would delay our wait time by that much longer until THAT kid hits the 40 inches mark. So when we found out that it was a boy, Jeremy and I literally high fived each other about the fact that he will probably catch up to Zara’s height a lot quicker than a girl would have. Zara is petite and small for her age, but we have hope that this boy will grow taller and quicker than she is. So we might still be on Zara’s timeline to hit 40 inches. She just had her 15-month appointment and she is currently 29 inches tall. 11 inches to go, little girl. According to my 23-week pregnancy app, this little boy is approximately 11 inches right now, and growing bigger and stronger each week. We’ll be at Disneyland in no time! And we’ll probably have a 40-inch tall princess and a 40-inch tall pirate with us. 🙂

So, my dear sweet precious little boy, we are all so excited to meet you. Your family is ready and waiting for you to complete our little circle and join us on our family adventures. In just four short months, you will be here with us. And we can’t wait!! Now we just have to come up with your name….


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