The Story of My Hair

Maybe I was a hair stylist in a past life. I’ve always had fun with my hair. I braid it, twist it, pin it, flip it, crimp it… you name it, I’ve tried it. I was blessed with natural curls, but it’s also fine enough that I can easily use a flat iron to straighten it or a curling iron to loosen it into waves. One thing I don’t do, and this might surprise people, is use products. I don’t use gel, mousse, hair spray, serum, anything. Just shampoo, conditioner, and sometimes leave-in conditioner. And color. I have a lot of fun with color. Let’s start at the beginning… 

Before dyeing my hair – I was born with dark DARK hair, almost black. Then sometime in early childhood, it lightened to a really light dirty blonde. Then it settled into a mouse-y brown shade for many years. In high school, especially during the summers, I started noticing that it would get blonde and red tones from the sunlight. Hmmm, interesting!…


Experimenting with color – In college and my early 20’s, I started having fun with color. I did golden tones, I rocked a deep crimson/maroon (Go Cougs!), I went deep brown, before deciding to lighten up a bit…. 🙂

golden hairmaroon hair

Do blondes have more fun? – Sometime into my relationship with Jeremy, I started going lighter. First I started with blonde highlights, then I started adding more light undertones, until one day I heard someone refer to me as “the blonde”. What? I hadn’t been “the blonde” before… but my hair was now officially blonde. And it was fun! (It was also expensive to keep up….)

blondeblonde central park

Think Pink – It was the summer of 2011 when I started thinking about pink hair. This was before the bright colored hair trend really took off, as I am not one to follow trends. (Hence, the fact that I am still rocking bright colored hair years later.) My thought on dyeing my hair pink was for a breast cancer awareness fundraiser. It was my 7th year walking the 60-mile breast cancer 3-Day, and I was running out of fundraising ideas! So I spread the word that if I met my fundraising goal, I would dye my hair pink. And I did. I started with hot pink streaks throughout the blonde hair. Then I liked it so much that I kept doing it. I had pink hair for three years. During this pink time, I did start letting the blonde grow out and slowly let my hair get back to its brown shade, plus the pink. Eventually, I went with an ombre look with my natural brown shade at the top and all pink on the bottom. This was so that when I got pregnant, I wouldn’t need to get any hair dye near my roots; it was all on the bottom half of my hair. And what do you know, I got pregnant and we found out it was a girl 🙂

pink streakspink on boat (2)

Go Hawks – After three years with pink hair, I was ready for a change. Summer of 2014 was now coming to a close and we were gearing up for the new Seahawks season, as the defending Super Bowl champions. So I decided to continue with the ombre look – my natural brown shade on top into a blue faded into a green. Go Hawks! And what do you know, halfway through the season, I get pregnant again and we find out it’s a boy 🙂


What’s Next – As much as I love my Hawks, the blue/green hair is not going to last as long as the pink did. I’m (almost) ready for another change. A cutting change. Eeek! I haven’t said that in years. My dear husband is so against the “mom haircut” (cutting long hair short after having kids), but I am really starting to feel the urge to cut my hair. I can’t go too short, because the two times in my adult life that I cut my hair short, I looked like I was 12. But there is something very appealing about cutting off the colored portion of my hair and starting over with all natural colored hair. It will happen….. It’s just a matter of when…..

5 thoughts on “The Story of My Hair

  1. Heidi says:

    I’m all for cutting off the hair! I cut mine into a pixie about 7 months after my son was born. My hair had finally stopped falling out, but my hair looked limp and lifeless. I figured it was in a pony tail 99% of the time anyway, so why not chop it off? Like your husband, my husband wasn’t keen on the idea. I found cutting all my hair off to be very liberating! I’m sure whatever you decide will be the right decision for you : )

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