I love FIT4MOM!

Zara was 8 weeks old when I found FIT4MOM. I was looking for workout classes that I could do with my baby. I had loved taking The Bar Method classes before I got pregnant because it was barre exercises that I loved from all my years of dance classes. I didn’t want to give that up now that I had a baby. I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon it, but I found info about Stroller Barre online. I couldn’t believe it – I could bring my baby in a stroller and do barre exercises…and be outside?! I immediately signed up for a class. 

I loved it immediately. The exercises were great, the moms were funny, the kids were cute, and the schedule fit perfectly with my new lifestyle. I started taking Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre classes regularly. As the months went on, I made new mom friends and lost all the baby weight plus more. My arms were stronger than they ever had been before (as a dancer and a runner, my arms were neglected a lot) and I had so much energy throughout the day. My husband loved how happy, fit and good I was looking and feeling.

Late in the summer, the owner of our Redmond franchise of FIT4MOM moved across the state and sold the business to the owner of the Bellevue franchise. The new owner, Erin, came in and started making positive changes for the whole group. She also hired me to be her marketing manager! It’s an understatement to say that FIT4MOM has been an amazing enhancement to my already happy life as a mom. Below I will detail all of the FIT4MOM programs, classes and benefits – and how they have affected me personally.

Fit4Baby – Even though I didn’t start with Fit4Baby, I’ll start with this program for the marketing order. 🙂 First-time-moms-to-be (or just currently pregnant moms who already have kids) can take Fit4Baby classes. It is a full body workout designed just for pregnant women. No kids or strollers allowed. Moms come to class (inside a studio) with a yoga mat and resistance bands. The hour-long class focuses on legs, arms, and core exercises, with time at the end of class to bond with baby during cool down stretches. FIT4MOM Redmond is now also including a prenatal yoga class with the Fit4Baby package, which I am so excited to take for the remainder of my pregnancy.

Stroller Strides – Once mama has her baby and is given the clear to resume workouts, Stroller Strides is the perfect class to get back in shape and lose the baby weight. Babies and kids up to kindergarten age sit in their strollers for the duration of the hour-long class, and moms get a full body workout. Yoga mats, resistance bands, water bottles and a good jogging stroller are required! Exercises focus on arms, legs and core muscles, plus good cardio bursts are included. These classes are held outside, and we move from station to station for variety and scenery changes. Kids are kept entertained in the strollers with snacks, toys and songs from the mamas. The hour goes quickly and the workouts are tough!

Stroller Barre –  Like SS, Stroller Barre is held outside and moves from station to station. There is less cardio and more barre exercises. Mamas use their stroller handle as the barre and hold dance poses and practice dancer-type barre work. The barre equipment includes an exercise ball and two hand weights for more specific exercises. Again the hour goes quickly and the workouts are intense!

Body Back – Eventually moms decide they want and/or need their body back! This program is a results-based boot camp style class with more intense workouts and a meal plan. Body assessments are taken at the beginning of each session and personal goals are set for the 8-week course. A friendly support group is maintained to help mamas stay focused and on track with little competitions each week. No kids, babies or strollers are allowed at Body Back so moms can really focus on achieving their goals.

Once mamas lose their baby weight or lose unwanted body fat or shrink clothes sizes, often times find that their husband has taken notice and — oops, they’re expecting another baby! Then the cycle starts over with Fit4Baby classes. Just kidding, this is my marketing joke for the FIT4MOM programs! (Although it is what happened with me!) Other FIT4MOM programs and reasons I love this group continue below…

Running Club – Another amazing benefit I have found is running club! There are different sessions held throughout the year, and running club members can train for a 5K, 10K, or half marathon. All levels of runners are welcome. Every runner knows that running is a solo sport, and you get out of it what you put in. That means you can run with or without a stroller, you can run on your own or with a buddy, you can listen to music or talk to a friend, etc. Running club is a supportive and fun running group, led by a supportive and fun running coach, and I am back to running 5Ks and 10Ks with my new favorite little running buddy (Zara) and a future runner on board (baby in utero). I plan to run a half marathon in the somewhat near future and eventually will accomplish my lifelong goal of running a full marathon – and I owe this to finding and joining this running club.

Our Village – They say it takes a village to raise a child, and I am so glad I found this Village of mom friends through FIT4MOM! There is a facebook group dedicated for this group of amazing women, and there are always play dates for the kiddos, family events, chances to give back to the community, and fun moms’ nights out planned that keep our calendars full. Advice and support are asked for and given generously within this group. Mom friendships are formed, kid relationships are built, and parenting tips are shared. This group was truly brought together by Erin and has strengthened with each new mom that has joined.

My job as FIT4MOM Marketing Manager – I cannot thank Erin enough for hiring me as her marketing manager. Even though I was no longer working in the corporate world, I wanted to keep utilizing my marketing skills, as well as help provide at least a little bit financially for our family, and I wanted to do so with something I loved. Marketing work for FIT4MOM fit right into that criteria. I work with local businesses to start and strengthen partnerships that provide discounts and promotions exclusively for FIT4MOM clients. I also build and maintain working relationships in the community to market our programs and build our client base. I also put my copyediting eye to good use with editing our monthly newsletters, press releases and email blasts. My job is done on my own time from home and I could not be happier helping Erin with her Redmond and Bellevue franchises.

Erin has a way of recognizing personal strengths and putting those together with other moms to share the workload of running her “labor of love” FIT4MOM franchises. Besides me, she has trained and hired class instructors, play group captains, a newsletter coordinator, a community relations coordinator, and guest blog writers, and I’m sure there are many more that she will incorporate into Our Village. Erin is an inspiring entrepreneur who is opening the first ever brick and mortar for FIT4MOM – and it is with our group in Redmond! We will now have our very own studio to house all of our programs, and Erin is leading the way for other franchises to do the same in the future. She is an inspiring leader for our group and has made positive changes for us all. She is the epitome of a strong and successful mom and business owner, and I am honored to work with her and call her my friend.

It was a little over one year ago when I first found FIT4MOM and I cannot imagine my life without it now. Becoming a mom changed my life. Becoming a FIT4MOM has enhanced it even more.


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